The Pokemon Company will hold a live broadcast this week to uncover new Pokemon and updates to games as of now in your ownership.

They will flaunt an “special online presentation” that will happen on June 17, 2020, as a live video stream. This occasion was declared by the authority “The Pokemon Company” social media accounts, so you realize it will be a huge arrangement of updates and reveals.

This live stream will occur at the arrival of The Isle of Armor DLC for the games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This update for the game will be uncovered at fundamentally a similar time as it’s released, so it’ll be more similar to an advancement of the release than it will be a secret.

This will incorporate the data we’ve gotten up until now, in addition to new Pokemon uncovers (for those player that’ve not yet gotten locally available with the DLC purchase).

This release remembers another experience for the Isle of Armor, an island in the Galar locale. This island incorporates wave-cleared sea shores, bogs, caves, forests, and sand dunes (in which all your Sandshew infants can skip!) This island is home to a fresh out of the box new dogo for Pokemon fights, as well – with an ace coach called Mustard!

This week could be the first occasion when we see a significant update to Pokemon Home, as well.

As the application’s planned for “upkeep” from 5 until 10AM EDT on Wednesday, it would not be a stun to discover include moves up to the application for the new DLC. There’ll likely be some accomodations made for the Crown Tundra DLC – however we will see.

You’ll see a video window for Pokemon Presents. That is the live feed that will go live on June 17, 2020, at 8AM Central Time.

You’ll have the option to watch this video as it’s released – or tap through to watch inside YouTube or cast said video to your TV, or watch in your YouTube application – anything you desire.

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