Pokemon Go’s large “Go Beyond” update shows up in December and acquaints some significant changes with the mobile game.

Pokemon Go has gotten a constant flow of changes and updates since its explosive introduction back in Summer 2016, yet the game will get its first major branded update one month from now.

Named Go Beyond, the huge update will be turned out throughout the seven day stretch of November 30, and it acquaints some critical changes with the mobile game, including the main Gen 6 Pokemon, a more elevated level cap, seasons, and considerably more.

Kalos Pokemon

Niantic had recently prodded that Kalos Pokemon were en route to Pokemon Go, and the main Gen 6 beasts will show up as a component of the Go Beyond update. Beginning December 2, players will have the option to experience a modest bunch of Gen 6 Pokemon (and their advancements) in the game, including X and Y starters Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, just as Bunnelby, Fletchling, and Litleo.

To match with the appearance of Gen 6 Pokemon, Niantic is holding an special event in the game toward the beginning of December. All through the occasion, Gen 6 Pokemon will show up in the wild more regularly, viably guaranteeing everybody gets an opportunity to get them. The occasion commences at 10 AM neighborhood time on December 2 and runs until 10 PM nearby time on December 8.

Expanded Level Cap And Leveling Changes

As a component of the Go Beyond update, Niantic is implementing some significant changes to the game’s leveling framework. Beginning November 30, the studio is making the way toward leveling up to 40 simpler by giving out more XP for catching and advancing Pokemon, enlisting new Pokedex entries, hatching eggs, and different tasks. Niantic says the extra XP “will be as much as double what it was before” in certain cases, which should make it a lot simpler for lower-level players to make up for lost time.

Every individual who arrives at level 40 before the year’s over will acquire the differentiation of being a Legacy 40 Trainer. Alongside this honor, they’ll get a couple of remunerations, including a Legacy 40 award and admittance to restrictive Timed Research that will offer its own prizes, including a Gyarados coach cap for their symbol.

You have until 11:59 PM neighborhood time on December 31 to acquire the Legacy 40 prizes. To make it simpler to hit that achievement, Niantic will offer a twofold catch XP reward from today, November 18, through the rest of the year.

What’s more, Niantic is knocking Pokemon Go’s player level cap up from 40 to 50. Be that as it may, the leveling cycle will work somewhat better for these elevated level players. Notwithstanding procuring enough XP, players should finish new Level-Up Research difficulties to raise their level past 40; for example, to step up to 41, players should get a high number of Pokemon in one day and complete different assignments. There will be comparative test necessities for each progressive level too.

Players aren’t the main ones getting a level cap increment; Niantic is likewise making it conceivable to control up Pokemon much farther than previously. The studio is presenting another kind of Candy called Candy XL, which will let you increment a Pokemon’s CP farther than initially conceivable. Niantic says you’ll have the option to get Candy XL either by getting Pokemon or changing over normal Candy.


Another new element coming as a component of the Go Beyond update is Seasons. Another Season will start in the game like clockwork, and every one will introduce some huge changes. For example, the sorts of Pokemon that bring forth in the wild will differ via Season.

Diverse Pokemon will likewise show up during a Season contingent upon your half of the globe; for instance, major parts in the Northern Hemisphere will experience frigid Pokemon during the game’s first Season, while those in the Southern Hemisphere will discover summer-themed Pokemon like Burmy and Darumaka.

Normally, the Season Pokemon Deerling will likewise integrate with this new component. You’ll have the option to locate an alternate Deerling structure in the game each Season. Niantic additionally says that occasions will be themed around the Season they happen in, and distinctive Mega-Evolved Pokemon will show up in Mega Raids relying upon the Season.

12 Days Of Friendship Event

In front of the Go Beyond update, Niantic is holding a 12 Days of Friendship occasion in Pokemon Go starting today, November 18. All through the occasion, your friendship level with another player will build substantially more rapidly than typical when you open gifts, trade Pokemon, or fight together in Raids and Gyms.

Moreover, you’ll get an assault help when you fight in a Raid close by a companion just as expanded XP for effectively finishing the fight, and the quantity of blessings you can open every day has been expanded. The 12 Days of Friendship occasion runs until 1 PM PT on November 30.

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