For those of us who are thinking of getting a dental braces, the first few questions that might come to mind would be: Is braces painful? How much does it cost? And How long would it take. But other than these 3 questions, there so many other questions pertaining to dental braces that you should be aware of! So let’s take a look at some of these questions!

What is the possible side effect of braces?

Some possible side effects include allergic reactions, development of plagues on the teeth, and also getting sores all over the mouth. [1] However, one of the most common side effects for wearing braces would be pain in the jaw and mouth overall. Imagine having both your upper and lower jaw purposely pulled and pressured to move to a new position. Of course this will cause a certain level of discomfort, especially the first few days after your braces are tightened again. Sometimes the pain is so bad that it leads to headaches as well. However, these things you can treat very easily with some over-the-counter medications. Call your orthodontist and have him or her prescribe you the right medicines to help you deal with the discomfort.

Is mouthwash good for braces?

Yes! Actually, using mouthwash regularly is effective for people with braces. It helps get rid of the bacteria in the mouth, especially in areas where your toothbrush or dental floss cannot reach. It’s quick and simple too, so you should definitely start using mouthwash regularly if you use dental braces.

Is it bad to whiten teeth with braces?

Usually, dentists would suggest patients to whiten their teeth after they are done with the braces treatment, and not to do it while they have the braces on. There is a much higher risk of uneven whitening when you go for whitening with braces.

Can I use normal toothpaste for braces?

Yes, totally. You don’t have to change your toothpaste just because you are getting dental braces, you can use what you have. Make sure it’s a good quality because the quality of your toothpaste will affect your oral health.

What questions should I ask my orthodontist about dental braces?

Here are some questions you can ask for a start to your orthodontist prior to getting dental braces. Keep in mind that there are so many other questions regarding braces that you can ask as well!

  • What’s the process of dental braces treatment like from beginning to end?
  • What is the best age to get dental braces?
  • What are the possible complications and risks involved with the treatment?
  • How much will dental braces cost?
  • Is there a follow-up treatment after the dental braces have done their job?
  • How do help my kids later on if they struggle with the dental braces?

Do braces do anything other than improve my smile?

It improves alignment which means it will improve the way your teeth and jaw function. For example in chewing meat or other food. Misalignment make it harder to chew. Sometimes for kids it even make them don’t like meat because their teeth alignment don’t allow them to chew well and easily. It also ensures that the pressures put on the different areas of the teeth and jaw are right. It doesn’t press or push the teeth towards certain directions that are not favourable.

How can I make my kids more comfortable with the idea of braces?

Tell them honestly what to expect. Don’t sugarcoat the process, but let them know that they will feel quite uncomfortable once the braces are installed and every time after the braces are tightened once again. Later on, you can prepare dental wax or braces wax on hand to help them deal with the pain. Sometimes it hurts when the walls of the mouth scratch the surface of the braces.

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