The ARTivation venture, whose goal was to bring “new energy” to downtown Raleigh’s pedestrian experience, has been completed.

Produced by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) in partnership with Artspace and Artsplosure, the task included seven pieces of art along Martin and Wilmington Streets in would like to “create another avenue for creativity” in the community, according to a press release by the DRA.

Every one of the seven bits of art were chosen by a gathering of representatives from both DRA and Artsplosure. Six of the bits of art will be on Martin Street and one will be found on Wilmington Street. A map with all of the locations of the artwork can be found on the DRA’s website.

“The ARTivation program allows us to make downtown more interesting and dynamic visually and, in doing so, making downtown more connected by improving the streetscape experience through activating vacant storefront buildings,” CEO and President of DRA Bill King said. “This program also highlights the diversity of our community and the artists who participated, which is one of the many great aspects of downtown Raleigh and this city.”

King said another benefit the program brings to the area is a support for local art and artists by giving them another avenue for them to show their work.

Chika Gijarathi, whose artwork titled “Flourish” can be seen at 223 W. Martin St., said the art program serves a bigger purpose in the city than just showing off works of art.

“It is an equalizer,” she said. “It doesn’t care who you are, what you do, where you are from, or how much money ou have. Its enjoyment is universal and free.”

All seven pieces of art will be on display through the end of the summer, according to the DRA.

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