He has emerged as a sought-after serial entrepreneur who has been doing exceedingly well across business industries.

It is quite surreal to know and learn about all those individuals and professionals across business niches in the world who have chosen to do the different and consistently have worked their way to the top. All these people, especially the younger brigade, have exhibited much more than only passion and have persevered and gone under the grind to make waves in their chosen industries. “The entrepreneurial world is a challenging place, but if done right, nothing or nobody can stop you in achieving your desired success,” says one of the top entrepreneurial talents in Dubai today, named Marouane Ouriaghli Taouil. He not only got into the space but also astounded people with the kind of success he went ahead in achieving across the UAE with different endeavours he ventured into.

From the very beginning, if anything that ever attracted this Belgium guy, it was the idea to get into the business world and create his unique niche and guy did he do that in Dubai? Marouane Taouil went ahead in carving a unique niche for himself across business niches, which imprinted his name amongst the top serial entrepreneurs of Dubai. While he was in Belgium, he had decided to move to Dubai to be a part of the revolutionary business world and make waves with what he wanted to do.

While exploring the opportunities in Dubai, Marouane saw the boom in the rental business and began with his first venture in renting luxury cars and then boats and yachts. He attained massive momentum and success with the business, all thanks to his personalized approach and his focus on offering customized luxury rental options. He saw how the nightlife of Dubai grew and wanted to be a part of the same. This encouraged him to start with managing events and gradually, Marouane began with hosting nightlight events.

Today, all this success has made him the brain behind his company named ‘ExcusemyDubai’, which is rising high with all the businesses he has stepped into so far, be it his rental companies or event management.

Marouane is also highly impressed with the growth of social media platforms and this has motivated him to start his YouTube channel, promoting Dubai and the lifestyle of the people who stay there. He also wishes to make videos on how prominent personalities across fields live and spend vacations in Dubai, ultimately to also increase his followers and viewership on his channel.

Find out more about him through Instagram @wiwane.dubai.

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