He shares some important security tips with others to explain how they can move towards being safer and secure with their information.

It has become a growing concern today how different malware, phishing attacks and the like have threatened the safety and security of businesses, brands, entrepreneurs and organizations. This has opened the eyes of many as they are aware that with the growth of the digital mediums, hackers get a free way to intrude into the confidential information and data of the systems and breach the same. Jaime Manteiga is a rising name in the IT, cybersecurity sector who is doing exceedingly well as an investor and entrepreneur. He is an information security researcher from the US, who wants to share some of the most important security tips with others that people can focus on.

Below are the security tips the young Cuban-American technology entrepreneur suggests.

• Keep the software up-to-date: Just like our phones need an update now and then, companies must never delay in updating software as well for better saving their systems from security and data breaches. Installing the software updates for the operating systems and programs is crucial. Companies must always ensure to install the latest security updates.
• Beware of suspicious emails: Jaime Manteiga explains that phishing scams are going to be there as a constant threat. Many cybercriminals will attempt to trick people and companies into divulging their personal and confidential information and data. They do this via phone calls or even emails. Hence, people need to be aware of such suspicious emails that may ask for their financial or personal information.
• Be careful about clicking: Visiting unknown or unsecured websites can lead people to pages or untrusted sources. All these sites mostly have malware that may automatically install or compromise the system. Hence, people must be careful before clicking on anything they do not know about or find suspicious.
• Backup the data: Companies and organizations must never delay in backing up their data. This most of the times have been not put enough emphasis on but stays as one of the most important tasks for people. Backing up the data regularly keeps the data and information more secure and safer.

Jaime Manteiga, the CEO and Founder of Venkon Corp and TapTok, has gradually risen to the top in the information security sector. People and organizations trust him for his expertise and knowledge in the field, saving them from cybersecurity challenges and improving their information security posture.

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