Romy Johson is a young and success-driven owner of Cool Gurus which is a one-stop solution for all IELTS course preparation. This brings high-quality IELTS training to people of India and all the around who want to study abroad. He fills the vacuum of not having a clear cut way to study English in a creative and interactive way.

If you are an educator, you are in luck!! Romy Johson thinks that educators have a greater advantage of becoming successful in the EdTech business. Here are the reasons why.

  • Educators know what needs to be improved

As the job of teaching in a traditional education institution is a stagnant career, educators want to pursue jobs that are lucrative. Becoming an EdTech entrepreneur is one of the great ways to switch their careers.  Educators have experience with the teaching and learning process. They know what is needed which helps them to serve students better with technological products. They can foresee problems in an EdTech app or technology and can figure out how a particular feature could be misused by students.

  • Teaching requires a wide range of skills

Educators have the advantage of having a wide variety of skills relevant to educating students. The experience that they have gained in their past profession can be combined with EdTech technologies to successful create products that will be related to students and could be more successful compared to products created by people who do not know how teaching-learning process works’

  • Educators have good communication skills

As educators know how to communicate with students they can hold the attention of children better than entrepreneurs who have not taught anything in their life. Holding the attention of a group of students is not an easy task. It requires self-control and good management. Great educators capture the imagination of students in subjects such as Geometry and chemistry. Good teachers know when the attention of students is being lost and they could change their tactics to recapture it.

  • Educators are good leaders

It takes a certain amount of skill to be able to communicate with students and give a presentation. So educators to a certain degree are good leaders also.

  • Educators can multitask

Throughout the day educators multitask in a variety of ways. They solve problems, stop students from fighting, keep an eye on all the students in a class, etc. While EdTech is a tough business, educators can get things done by managing different tasks.

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