Bricks Plus Clicks founder Ryan Bilodeau is convinced that thousands of small business nationwide are losing money by not building an online presence equal in structure to that of their brick and mortar shops.

“People don’t realize just how easy technology can be leveraged for profit. It is one thing to have the bricks, but it’s an entirely different thing to have the clicks.Of the estimated 200 million people who shopped on Black Friday last year, for example, 1 million more of them shopped online than braved the cold and turkey-induced exhaustion carrying over into trips to retail stores.” said Ryan Bilodeau

In 2018 the global population of social media users was projected to grow to 2.44 billion, or 33% of the world population versus 14% in 2010. Let us market your business to the largest audience possible in the most cost-effective of ways.Using techniques mastered on political campaigns and for non-profit causes, traditional advertising solutions by Bricks Plus Clicks are anything but traditional. If you’re a small business with a small advertising budget, you just might find that our creative offline marketing techniques will yield a big return.

Potential customers drive by your small business each day. But can they find you online? In other words: you have the bricks. But do you have the clicks? Bricks Plus Clicks is a full-service company started by Ryan Bilodeau that provides expert-level online and offline marketing and advertising. Through our array of services, we help you capture and keep new customers. Thousands of dollars in business are lost each week if your online store front isn’t as visible as your office’s store front. So the question isn’t whether you can afford to retain our services, but whether you can afford not to.

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