BNCAP has released the safety ratings for the TATA PUNCH.EV today. Adult Occupant Protection receives a practically perfect score of 31.46 out of 32. With a score of 15.71 out of 16, the Frontal Offset Deformable Barrier Test demonstrates excellent front-end collision durability. With a score of 15.74 out of 16, the Side Movable Deformable Barrier Test indicates exceptional side-impact protection.

With 49 points, Child Occupant Protection scores 45 out of 49. The maximum dynamic score for the TATA PUNCH.EV when child restraint systems are in place is 24.00 out of 24. In mistake simulations, this metric shows how stable and controlled the car is. The CRS Installation Score of 12.00 out of 12 is excellent, indicating the safe and efficient installation of child restraint devices. The score for the vehicle assessment is 9.00 out of 13.

Frontal crash protection for the Tata Punch EV:

The TATA PUNCH.EV EMP+ S LR version was used for testing, and this tiny car weighed 1626 kg. For an honest evaluation of protection across the entire range, safety ratings are relevant to all specified versions.

There are no rear airbags in frontal crash safety systems, but regular driver and passenger airbags are. The front seats come equipped with load limiters and belt pretensioners as standard. Since knee airbags are not available, protection is focused in key regions. All occupants are provided with standard side head curtain airbags for side collision protection. There are no side pelvis airbags in the car, although side chest airbags are available for the front passengers.

Child Protection – Tata Punch EV:

The TATA PUNCH offers child protection.The rear outboard seats of the EV have ISOFIX anchor hooks installed. One advantage of a manual airbag cut-off switch is for the passenger. With ESC fulfilling UN GTR No. 8/UNECE R140 AIS-133 requirements, safety assist technologies strengthen protection.

AIS-100 rules are followed, and pedestrian protection is standard. In collisions with pedestrians, this technology reduces the chance of injuries. Seat belt reminders (SBR) remind passengers to buckle up in accordance with AIS-145. To encourage regular seat belt use, these standard alerts are given to the driver, front passenger, and rear passengers.

Tata Punch EV Safety Assist Features:

Testing in April 2024 validates that safety ratings are applicable to all TATA PUNCH.EV models. SMT LR ACFC, SMT + LR ACFC, ADV LR ACFC, ADV S LR ACFC, and others are among them. Each variation guarantees standardized technologies for safety assistance.

Pedestrian protection systems, ESCs, Side Head Protection Systems, and Seat Belt Reminders are among the Safety Assist Technologies (SAT) standard fitments. These days, technological improvements in car safety are expected. Reliability is enhanced by compliance to regulatory standards such as UNECE R140 and AIS-197. Today’s cars must have standardized and certified safety features.

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