Apple’s new iPhone update, iOS 14, launched on Sept. 16. One of the enormous highlights in it lets you change your default email application from Apple’s Mail application to another in the event that it supports the feature. In case you’re similar to them, and use Outlook and Gmail rather than Mail, this is a big deal.

Ordinarily, on the off chance that you click a link to an email address some place, your iPhone will simply open Mail and start another message, normally from your Apple iCloud account. It’s irritating when this occurs, since your email probably won’t originate from your ordinary work or individual record, and you may miss reactions that are sent to an inbox you don’t utilize.

The change was first declared in June, when Apple uncovered iOS 14, in what has all the earmarks of being an endeavor by Apple to address complaints from competitors.

It’s anything but difficult to change your default email application in iOS 14 and just takes a couple of moments. They’ve changed mine to their work Outlook account, since that is the one for the most part send messages from. However, loads of different applications support this as well.

Before we start, first ensure you’re running iOS 14.0.1, which fixed a bug in the component in the main version of iOS 14.

You can check by opening Settings > General > About. On the off chance that you have to update, do this:

  • Plug in your iPhone and connect with Wi-Fi.
  • Open Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Pick Software Update.
  • How about we begin.

Step by step instructions to change the default email application on iPhone with iOS 14

1.Open Settings.

2. Scroll down to the email application you need to utilize. (They’ll utilize Gmail for this model, however it works the equivalent for any that are supported.)

3. Tap the symbol for Gmail.

4. Tap “Default Mail App.”

5. Change to the application you need to utilize.

That is it. Presently when you tap a link to begin another email to somebody, your iPhone will utilize the default application you’ve chosen. You can transform it whenever by following the steps above.

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