1. Stevieknocks How did you meet Strick From YSL?

I met Strick through a Celebrity Booking Agent Darlene Deluna at a private event, he asked me to send him some beats!

2. Stevieknocks How many beats did you send Strick?

Wow I sent Strick 3 packs total, each pack had about 30 beats each so about total of 100 beats

3. Stevieknocks how many beats did Strick choose?

He choose about 5 beats , but he was really excited about one of them which he named trendsetters , I also think  the record is a crazy and will kill the clubs when he decides to release it.

4. Stevieknocks describe your working chemistry with Strick?

Chemistry is dope, he’s a talented artist and songwriter I mean the man has been  Nominated for a Grammy so that speaks volumes but overall a very humble guy!

5. Stevieknocks is there a specific date you and Strick plan to release that club banger?

No exact date at the moment , like I said when he decides to release it , it will take off like a rocket ! Hopefully soon lol

6. Stevieknocks are you currently signed with a major label?

No, I’m not signed to any major label, I actually prefer the independent route. I’m in full control of my catalog, career, and moves. I have my manager and lawyer that look over all business deals before I sign anything.

7. Stevieknocks Where can fans follow you on social media?

Any and everyone can follow me on Instagram @stevieknocks or on

Twitter @stevieknocks

Check out Stevieknocks’ official website http://www.stevieknocks.com/

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