Barllina, the revolutionary brand in the e-commerce

From Saudi Arabia, Barllina established its clothing and dresses brand for women that is recognized to innovate in the industry of e-commerce, attracting customers with the latest fashion products.

Social media, where Barllina promotes all its products and interacts with its clients, plays a key role in this business. The publication of many customers’ experiences and the adaptability to recent trends and hashtags that are related to their merchandise led the company to achieve more than 300K followers on Instagram, more than 90k followers on TikTok, and more than 5K followers on Snapchat.

“We promote our products through our social media platforms to increase the outreach of our market, through posting photos and videos of the dresses and using the right hashtag for every product”, explained Barllina.

Also, the customer service makes Barllina a unique brand in the clothing industry, providing a platform to reply to the customers around the clock and fast dispatching and delivery of its products with different partners all over the world. This has resulted in the company receiving orders from other regions of the world, such as Europe, where customers like the entrepreneur Lili Mitrovic have had the opportunity to wear their dresses.

Another particularity of Barllina is that every consumer can log in to their website ( and choose from a variety of elegant and simple garments that are suitable for every occasion, making the woman look impressive at her workplace, parties, day-outs, and even day-ins, and allowing their consumers to feel and look like princesses

The website is the only shop for the Barllina clients, who can pay online for any number of orders and different categories of dresses, such as a dress with embroidered lobes in black jazzer fabric, a distinctive design dress in a victorian tree, a long dress with distinctive victorian design and material, and a soft cotton dress, embroidered from the chest and shoulder.

The principal characteristics of Barllina products are that they are weaved out of the best quality fabrics, with an experience of decades in designing and producing women’s dresses, setting prices that are budget-friendly and suitable for everyone.

For Barllina the identification with their products is fundamental, and that is why the dresses are inspired by all types of customers around the world and fit all the cultures from east to west, generating a diversity of products and traditions. Some of them are designed as per the Saudi tradition and heritage, like the embroidered traditional jalabiya, and the dress with a loose-fitting lace, lined with a belt, with a traditional design.

The company that is based in Jeddah, the center of commerce in Saudi Arabia, plans to expand the digital business capacity to reach all the world’s clothes and dresses markets, providing trending designs, western designs, and Arabic designs.

Additionally, the firm wants to be a leading clothing company that is capable of producing and creating more variations of women’s clothing and diversifying the brand for men’s clothing as well.


Dropship Aims to Help Entrepreneurs Set Up Their Online Stores in Just a Few Clicks

Dropshipping is one of the fastest growing side hustles of 2021. The market was valued at $102.2 billion in 2018, and it’s expected to grow 28.8% between 2019 and 2025. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own dropshipping business, there’s no better way to get started than with Dropship.

Dropship is an upcoming project by Nawras and Josef Ganim. Their main product, at the moment, is a system that alerts members to some of the most profitable products to sell using dropshipping. They help their users find trends and develop a dropshipping business that can work as a side hustle or a full-time job. “The most important part of your dropshipping business is what you’re selling,” said Nawras Ganim. “We’ll help you pick a trendy, interesting product that can make you as much money as possible.” They do this using their AI system that identifies the best items to sell, and their innovation doesn’t stop there. In addition to their first solution, Dropship’s goal is to help people create their own online stores in only a few clicks. “You’ll be able to make your store from A-Z on our unique platform,” said Josef Ganim. “You won’t have to go anywhere else to get started.” If it’s that easy to set up your own store, anyone who has access to a computer will be able to do it. Although Dropship’s capabilities aren’t ready right now, they plan to launch their service this year. They’re currently perfecting backend operations to make sure that everything runs smoothly for their customers. “We don’t want any snags,” said Nawras. “We’re taking our time with the launch to ensure that everything’s in great shape right out of the gate.”

But what is dropshipping, exactly? “Dropshipping allows you to run your own store without needing to keep products in stock,” said Josef Ganim. “When you sell a product, you buy it from another company and it’s shipped directly to the customer. You don’t have to worry about a big inventory, which results in fewer overhead costs.” Dropshipping has taken off because it’s much easier than creating your own product. “Once you know what consumers want, it’s much easier to sell existing products to them at better prices.”

Right now, creating your own dropshipping business has many steps that need to be completed. When Dropship starts operating in early 2021, the process will be much easier, and more people will be able to access this amazing way of making money online.


Manny Garcia shares 5 tips to help budding entrepreneurs conquer COVID-19

Manny Garcia knows what it takes to build a business from the ground up. He’s picked himself up from rags. Now, he stands tall and provides the best for his family. Garcia has co-founded multiple 8 figure brands and businesses in the fashion, automobile and real estate industries with multiple retail stores. He’s cracked the secret to success and doesn’t hesitate to get his hands dirty. “Hard work is what takes you forward”. Manny shares 5 tips that will help upcoming Entrepreneurs keep it together during an economic crisis.

Identify the challenges you are facing

As Manny puts it, “Mindset is extremely important because you have to be able to see a vision when your reality doesn’t look as appealing.” You need to keep your faith and work challenges one step at a time while staying focused and solution-oriented.

Plan solutions accordingly

Once you recognize the areas that need work or maintenance, you will realize the potential your business can grow to. You need to utilize this time constructively. Replace old with new, bring in modifications in your business.

Implementing Advanced Technology Oriented Systems

You should now seriously consider Implementing Advanced Technology to optimize your communication and operations systems. This is going to give you leverage in the long run and you will be better equipped for dealing with unexpected situations.

Incorporating solutions with the virus in mind

You as an Entrepreneur should work on incorporating innovative solutions that address your customers safety concerns. Consumers are going to be vulnerable and they would look forward to that safety assurance from you.

Stay Positive

How you deal with the pandemic on the inside is crucial to keeping your business afloat. You empower your enterprise so it’s of the utmost importance that you prune your thoughts. Yes, times are jarring but you have to stay positive.

Manny Garcia says, “I am aware of the harm Covid has been bringing to businesses but failure is just not an option for me.” He promises to continue working hard to pursue his goals for the future. He urges fellow Entrepreneurs to follow suit and stay safe.


Nicola Napolitano: The Future Of Online Business

Did you know that the resurrection of e-commerce is happening all around us? The future is now. The current social-distancing measures and business closures globally have enhanced the e-commerce industry. With greater consumer confidence and spending habits, it is obvious that online businesses’ futures are bright. It is worth noting that today there are over 2 billion websites, and the number is exponentially increasing every day.

According to statistics, the global retail market was expected to top $25 trillion in 2019. However, growth slowed in the past years and may not pick up through 2023. On the other hand, e-commerce sales topped $3.5 trillion, increasing about 18% from the previous year. E-commerce is expected to double by 2023 to more than $6.5 billion. This article shares insights on the future of online business from entrepreneur Nicola Napolitano.

Why An Online Presence Matters

Nicola Napolitano was born and raised with “bread and technology.” He works online, managing the online presence of many influencers and companies. He decided to position himself in the world of e-commerce. On Instagram, Nicola became an inspiration to those who want to be successful and happy. 

But why does one need an online presence? Well, businesses need to have an effective online strategy to grow and increase brand awareness. A digital presence provides your brand with an ideal platform to communicate with consumers. An online presence gives you the chance to set the narrative on who you are as a brand and set yourself apart from your competitors.

An online presence will also:

  • Help your clients/customers find you.
  • Help you reach more people.
  • Help you build a stronger brand.
  • Increase your credibility.

The Future is Now

Nicola is passionate about everything related to an online presence and social media marketing. Behind the scenes, he manages many influencers with millions of followers. Companies then notice this strategy and begin to collaborate by managing the background of all the social networks. However, Nicola is always uncomfortable remaining in the same position, and that is why he always takes up new opportunities in order to grow.

Nicola understands that the future is now. He works with all the dedication, commitment, and passion inside of him to ensure he remains relevant in the market.

Why E-commerce is The Next Big Thing

Nicola established his online e-commerce dropshipping business in 2020. Despite failing several times and being demoralized, he did not give up. He decided to keep trying, testing, and studying from the world’s best to assert his dreams. In March of 2020, he reached 200k in turnover with just one e-commerce store that sells simple presets for photos. From that point on, Nicola did not stop; his students don’t either. Successful consultants and mentors highlight his talent in creating unique strategies for any e-commerce store, especially digital products. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting an online business, the time is now. You can also connect with Nicola on Instagram for more information.