The pandemic is an opportunity to become a great entrepreneur

The coronavirus pandemic has posed major problems and a deep crisis for the business world since its emergence in 2020. It has generated several changes, but also a variety of opportunities that can help an entrepreneur to be successful.

Keala Kanae, as a consultant that helps his clients to become better leaders of themselves and their businesses through our two-pronged approach focusing on both skillset (marketing, sales, operations) and mindset (leadership, self-mastery), assure that overcoming challenges like the pandemic forge an entrepreneur with the character and mind required to achieve big ambitions.

“Great leaders are those who can stay calm in the center of the storm; remain poised, not poisoned, and convey confidence in adversity. They take none of the credit but all of the blame as they empower their teams to do what needs to be done regardless of the hours, circumstances, or workloads needed to achieve critical outcomes”, said this American businessman that has been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, Entrepreneur, ABC News, and has won more than 7 awards from Clickfunnels including their coveted Centurion Award for doing more than $50M in sales on his way to $100M.

As an entrepreneur, Keala experienced some difficulties that helped him to evolve as a business leader. One of them occurred in 2018 when he went through a partnership breakup which led to eventually buying out his partner and rebranding the company.

“The partnership split and all of the problems that come along with growing a company at breakneck speed have taught me a lot of leadership, team building, culture building, and how to be both an effective war-time CEO and Peace-time CEO”, explained Keala.

Another problem for this businessman happened in 2015 when he was broke earning a mínimum wage as a worker of a coffee shop at 29 years old. This situation allowed him to make a difficult decision to become an entrepreneur and start his business career as a “freelance marketer”, which later became in the owning of the company Inspirean, which is the only company of its kind that focuses on both skillset and mindset as a dual approach to business growth, professional growth, self-mastery, and leadership.

For Keala, a successful entrepreneur that wants to be prepared for any circumstance has to adopt some important skills, such as the adaptation to the struggle and the preparation for chaos, which are crucial to build a prosperous business and to forge the character and mind required to achieve big ambitions as an entrepreneur.

Also, he recommends a constant improvement and innovation of their businesses by learning to interpret and appreciate the data, identifying when to get comfortable to do nothing because it is important to stop the progress as the situation is unclear and organizing their work teams for difficult situations.

He has been applying these tips in his business, obtaining great results such as the implementation of more decentralized work environments and virtual teams, and the closing of his physical offices just two years before the outbreak of the pandemic. All this led to his company to be recognized today as one of the few that was able to withstand the effects of the pandemic.


From basketball star to a Successful Entrepreneur, Calvin Fowler’s journey helped many in their careers! Are you looking for help?

Counseling is easy but to find the best in town is a task. We are making it easier for you to consult the prominent and experienced group that will help you choose the best path for your career. Yes, the Fowler Kay Group is the way to go!

Former international basketball star Calvin Fowler, now a prominent entrepreneur, was born in Columbus, Ohio currently residing in Southern California. He graduated from Westerville North High school. Thereafter he attended Columbus State on a full basketball scholarship. After his sophomore season, Calvin had earned the titles All region team & Defensive player of the year and soon after that he was highly recruited nationwide with a ton of mid-major Division 1 schools and every high level NCAA D2 in the country.

Later, he transferred to Bellarmine University in Louisville Kentucky to stay close to home. After two successful seasons with the Knights he signed a 2 year contract with London Leopards of the English Basketball League (England) where he was the team’s leading scorer and finished top 3 in MVP votes in the league. Things weren’t easy when he returned home in the off season, he suffered a torn groin after playing in a local basketball tournament in his hometown. It made it difficult for him to continue with Leopards for his second contract year, it was a halt in his career. Calvin looked at this as a blessing in disguise as he decided to finish his bachelor’s degree back in Louisville at Bellarmine University. Along with that he prepared himself for making his return to the hardwood.

Post his recovery, he signed with a team in Amman, Jordan and backed his name as the second leading scorer of the team. His last season was played in Rwanda (Africa) wherein his performance was amongst best. As everybody’s journey takes a turn, his was quite similar to that, he shifted from an elite athlete to an elite business man. Calvin turned out to be one the best sales directors in two prominent companies on the West Coast; Enterprise Holdings and IWG.
After several years of growing in the market, Calvin decided to start up his own business of employing athlete minded individuals into the corporate sector. People who belong from the sports background and looking for a shift into the corporate world, FKG is best for your career!

His company Fowler Kay Group (Consultancy) connects former athletes to corporate clients. They provide not just any talent but ‘athlete minded’ people to the professional world. This helps the firms to directly employ people who are leaders, committed, enthusiastic and are dedicated and self-driven. These qualities are the few which every corporation looks forward to in their employees. In addition, the Fowler Kay team members all have an athletic background combined with corporate experience which makes them well equipped with the knowledge and skills that are required to navigate their way throughout their journey in the corporate world. So, if you are looking for the best consultants in the game… Fowler Kay Group is your one stop destination!


From painting homes to owning a real estate company, Roman Shapovalov has come a long way

Focus and hard work can take you places, Roman has proved that right.

We have seen many entrepreneurs in history who have carved a different niche for themselves in the business world. We have examples of many individuals who  have worked their way right from the bottom to reach the top. Their success is the result of extreme hard work and focus and their passion to reach the highest levels of glory have made them what they are today. Roman is one such individual who rose to succeed exceedingly in his career as a real estate entrepreneur. He has worked hard to reach the position where he stands today and many are in awe of his success. He started working by doing odd jobs and today owns a successful real estate company which is spreading its wings globally.

Roman shares a few characteristics which are important requisites of a successful business person

Strong focus on goals : individuals who don’t stray and stay focused are likely to go ahead and shine bright.

Stand one’s ground : perseverance is the secret ingredient which is extremely important in a person’s entrepreneurial journey as without it there can be hurdles on your way to glory.

Never say die attitude : withstanding adversities and marching ahead to reach for your goals and never say quit can do wonders and make you reach closer to your goals. 

Stay strong : surrendering to rough weather should never be an option, going ahead surpassing setbacks is the quality of a true entrepreneur.

Vision : The best entrepreneurs have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, and what steps need to be taken to accomplish their objectives.

“Starting and running a business is a risk in itself and the right entrepreneurs know when to take the calculated risk and when to avoid it.” says Roman. With his astounding success in real estate business, Roman, today stands as a true inspiration to all those budding entrepreneurs who dream of making a mark in their respective fields and make it big.

Know more about him on


Milad Hatam Abadi gives a glimpse into creating successful businesses one after another

Milad Abadi is a popular Instagram star in India. He has a simple family life and along with his studies and sports, he also worked. It is his work in the currency exchange that made him a millionaire. He had a great deal in the field of currency exchange and stock exchange, and at the age of 18, he opened his own exchange center at the Ferdowsi mall and made a lot of progress in the short term.  Post that, he went to Kish Island and worked for tourism. As he is graduated in computer science, he shared his first video clip from Hatam Abadi in Kish, and then quickly released throughout the Instagram, from Milad Hatam Abadi, with the title M.R Coach.

Due to his Instagram popularity, he became a well-known comedian and did live shows on Instagram. Due to his acts and sense of humor, Milad Hatam has a lot of admirers and fans. Hatam Abadi’s start-up and business on the internet also helped him become a young millionaire. As he said all of his good life and progress now is because of his hard work since childhood.


Nicola Napolitano: The Future Of Online Business

Did you know that the resurrection of e-commerce is happening all around us? The future is now. The current social-distancing measures and business closures globally have enhanced the e-commerce industry. With greater consumer confidence and spending habits, it is obvious that online businesses’ futures are bright. It is worth noting that today there are over 2 billion websites, and the number is exponentially increasing every day.

According to statistics, the global retail market was expected to top $25 trillion in 2019. However, growth slowed in the past years and may not pick up through 2023. On the other hand, e-commerce sales topped $3.5 trillion, increasing about 18% from the previous year. E-commerce is expected to double by 2023 to more than $6.5 billion. This article shares insights on the future of online business from entrepreneur Nicola Napolitano.

Why An Online Presence Matters

Nicola Napolitano was born and raised with “bread and technology.” He works online, managing the online presence of many influencers and companies. He decided to position himself in the world of e-commerce. On Instagram, Nicola became an inspiration to those who want to be successful and happy. 

But why does one need an online presence? Well, businesses need to have an effective online strategy to grow and increase brand awareness. A digital presence provides your brand with an ideal platform to communicate with consumers. An online presence gives you the chance to set the narrative on who you are as a brand and set yourself apart from your competitors.

An online presence will also:

  • Help your clients/customers find you.
  • Help you reach more people.
  • Help you build a stronger brand.
  • Increase your credibility.

The Future is Now

Nicola is passionate about everything related to an online presence and social media marketing. Behind the scenes, he manages many influencers with millions of followers. Companies then notice this strategy and begin to collaborate by managing the background of all the social networks. However, Nicola is always uncomfortable remaining in the same position, and that is why he always takes up new opportunities in order to grow.

Nicola understands that the future is now. He works with all the dedication, commitment, and passion inside of him to ensure he remains relevant in the market.

Why E-commerce is The Next Big Thing

Nicola established his online e-commerce dropshipping business in 2020. Despite failing several times and being demoralized, he did not give up. He decided to keep trying, testing, and studying from the world’s best to assert his dreams. In March of 2020, he reached 200k in turnover with just one e-commerce store that sells simple presets for photos. From that point on, Nicola did not stop; his students don’t either. Successful consultants and mentors highlight his talent in creating unique strategies for any e-commerce store, especially digital products. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting an online business, the time is now. You can also connect with Nicola on Instagram for more information.


Yemani Mason: From Ground Zero to Building Multiple Massively Successful Businesses

It is every entrepreneur’s dream to set up a successful and lucrative business. It comes with it’sset ofchallenges. Every great business starts with an idea, passion, and capital. Some entrepreneurslike Yemeni Mason start from scratch with just ideas and passion with minimal capital.

Mason is an entrepreneur who now owns four very successful businesses that generatemillions of dollars in revenue. He is the founder and CEO of four companies – Secure The Funding, Azure Financial Solutions, MBC Media Group LLC, and VestMunity. He is working on a new venture, Black Star Credit Union that will soon be functional.

Like other entrepreneurs, Mason has had a fair share of failures in his entrepreneurship journey, but that did not put him off.Instead, it spurred him on to work harder to succeed.

Mason almost quit when, in the beginning, things did not go his way. He would invest but not see any tangible returns, but he ultimately decided to push on until he generated a profit.

According to him, giving up is not an option if you want to succeed as a business owner. If something does not work out, you have to figure out a solution and find a way to make it work. He says that if he had given up, he wouldn’t be the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

“Be knowledgeable about your line of business before starting any operations. Read books and talk to others in that line of business so that you can avoid making costly rookie mistakes,” cautions Mason.

The FIU graduate in International Business & Management used his knowledge and skills from his financial advisor job (and with some preciousadvice from his realtor mother) to set up his first business helping homeowners secure mortgages. Based on that experience and his prowess in online marketing, he set up his other companies that all wildly succeeded.

Starting one business and running it till it succeeds is often challenging, but starting four multimillion-dollar ones, is an uphill task that Yemani Mason has managed to do.


Momar Sakanoko french top prospect retire from basketball career to create the be great company

Momar Sakanoko has officially announced that he is retiring from his professional basketball career to build his own company named Be Great Company.

The well-known basketball player, had a successful season playing for bahia basket and was considering on going into the draft.

But Momar announced in a previous interview that he wasn’t going to extend his contract with bahia because he had other plans for himself.

Momar’s basketball future was bright, however, he decided to take another path. This was Momar’s dream, he said, “I always liked to help people, and by building this company I will be able to give back and help many people realize their dreams”.

Be Great company is a worldwide full-service company working with some of the most iconic and well-known brands and holds some of the best talents around the world.

They offer diffrent services such as marketing, branding, management, film production, contract negotiation and more.

For this, Momar has brought with him the best staff, adding some of the best sports and artistic agents, lawyers, business consultants, film maker, marketing experts to take this company to the next level.

Be Great company has all the potential to be the best agency in the world.


5 Essentials Tips To Hone Your Culinary Skills By Entrepreneur Mo Abedin

Cooking at home is the new trending topic in life. Driven by a renewed passion for health and the recent lockdown, many people have started taking their culinary skills seriously. With the emergence of new kitchen tools, gadgets, and thanks to the internet, a front-seat to world cuisine, couples, students, and homemakers are beginning to explore the chef within. As more and more people try new recipes, they long to make their food taste and ‘look’ as good as it does in restaurants. In this article, entrepreneur Mo Abedin spills the beans on five tips to lend your home cooking a professional touch. Abedin is the video creator of the food channel, SAUCEBEAST, and co-owner of Sticky Rice, “A Thai Restaurant that I run with my family in Dubai with a cult following.”

As a self-proclaimed foodie, Abedin is often helping friends and family with these five tips: 

Cut proportionately  “Restaurant food looks good because it’s plated well. They achieve consistency in every cut which is not as easy as it looks, there’s a serious skill involves in the art of preparation. The consistency in the dice or the cut helps spread the taste evenly across the dish, making it wholesome in taste and appearance.” 

Invest in good tools  “A chef in a kitchen is no different from a carpenter in his workshop or a painter in his studio. They are all artists and creators who require able assistance from appropriate tools. As a chef, you must equip your kitchen with the right tools – tools that improve your efficiency, save your time, and add a little extra to your effort.” 

Keep it fresh  “Freshness is fundamental, there’s no mistaking that. You instantly know the moment it hits the table even before you put it in your mouth and there is absolutely nothing you can do to substitute that.” 

Have cookbooks handy   “A well-thumbed cookbook in a kitchen is a sign of creativity, patience, and love. It’s practical too to have them handy as they not only teach you the method but also a great insight into the thought process of how to put a dish together that does not only look beautiful but tastes incredible too.” 

Research  “It’s not possible with every single meal, but whenever you get the chance, hit the store to understand the choices available to you. See how variations work and the ones that might work the best but don’t be afraid to experiment.” Summing up his insights, Abedin says, “A professional touch is a touch of love, care, and creativity. If you are passionate and love to cook, it will clearly show through your food.”


How Orel Shitrit Beat Impossible Odds and Built a Widely Successful Digital Agency

In today’s society, many confuse the MMA fighter lifestyle with a troubled childhood and a dark future on the edge of normal society.

Although this side of the picture mainly is painted for the movies, such as Warrior, starring Tom Hardy. We’ve met with a real-world example who went through the challenges of making it to the executives’ table while coming from a troubled childhood himself.

At only 22, Shitrit has transformed from a title-winning ruthless fighter to one of the most successful social media experts and serial entrepreneurs.

How did the switch from MMA happen?

– I injured my leg during the Israeli National Championships in Muay Thai. The injury was pretty bad, and while I was recovering, I spent a lot of time on social media. The concept of social media was what fascinated me, rather than the content people post on it. I spent my time in recovery learning the ins and outs of social media marketing.

Time well spent, according to experts –With social media marketing on the rise, there’s always a demand for social media marketers. Those who put the time and effort into learning the technical aspects of social media are the ones who are bound to be successful, TopHustler’s marketing expert states.

From hobby to real life reality

Orel Shitrit reflects on his journey and how he achieved entrepreneurial success

Shitrit founded his own agency in 2019; Noble Media & Partners. With Shitrit’s extensive technical knowledge and experience working in social media and marketing, the venture was already off to a great start. Starting off strong, with almost 95,000 followers Instagram – the reach and notability shouldn’t be the determining factor.

Noble Media & Partners quickly established themselves as experts in the field, and to no surprise, wiped the floor rather quickly. The agency’s inception didn’t go unnoticed. When the pandemic hit, Shitrit was at the top of the contact list for many influencers looking for advice and help getting through these challenging times.

Waking up with a winners mentality

Some people plan their life on a day by day basis, while others like to put down strategic plans to meet a future goal. Shitrit’s view on life has been what’s set him apart from the competition.

– I didn’t let my injury affect my aspirations and goals. Spending time doing nothing is not really my style, Shitrit states.

Orel’s dedication to the hustle and willingness to go the extra mile to reach the desired point of success is truly what makes him a Top Hustler. Taking your hobby to the next level, and making a profit on it isn’t easy. But doing so against all odds is even more extraordinary.

Keep up with Orel Shitrit

If you want to keep up on the latest and see what the future holds for this aspiring entrepreneur and marketer, stay up to date through Instagram.


Allan Hu Shares How Attending a Young Entrepreneur’s Conference Proved a Game-Changer

Sometimes in life, a chance meeting, a casual remark, a brief encounter, and a simple twist of fate can initiate a chain-reaction of events on a monumental scale. For Allan Hu, his attendance at a young entrepreneur’s conference proved to be a real game-changer.

In 2013 when Hu was 21, he was at a low point in his life. A year earlier, his e-commerce business had gone kaput, the degree he was studying so hard for seemed futile, and his ambitions to become a big-time and successful poker player had appeared to flounder on a rock called reality.

So when he headed to a young entrepreneur’s conference, he wasn’t expecting much. Hu explains, “Looking back I can see I was at a turning point in my life where I had everything to gain and nothing to lose, but at the time I just felt burned out and disillusioned that my life appeared to be going nowhere fast.”

At the conference, Hu noticed how those entrepreneurs involved in digital marketing had the most significant profit margins. Intrigued, Hu reached out and allied with a few individuals, which would prove extremely prosperous.

Hu explained, “Despite my lack of expertise and knowledge, these guys, who were online gurus and veterans, were pleased to share their insights with me. It was invaluable; I learned so much.”

Applying his lessons to real-life, Hu set about turning things around. It worked like a charm. Within his first several years, he had made his first million, and by 2015 he had begun a successful career investing in the US stock market. Hu was definitely on a roll; he even picked up the cards again and had another stab at trying his hand at the poker game.

Hu reveals, “Lady Luck was definitely on my side. This time around, I was winning some pretty big stakes, and although I think everyone needs a little bit of luck to be successful, I think it was my positive mindset that made all the difference. Before I attended that conference, I was viewing things in quite a negative light. Meeting those guys was the motivation I needed to help me get back on track and go for gold.”