He is coming up with a innovative concept which is going to sweep game lovers off their feet.

The population of gaming enthusiasts is growing by the day. There are many who spend hours of their online time playing games. Such is their devotion that they even enjoy watching others play their favourite game. Of late one game which has gained immense popularity is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it has found its way in the top 10 in the CIS on the professional stage, while being in the top 170 globally. The crazy fan following that this popular game enjoys had a thought in ace influencer Bezlikiy’s mind, which resulted in him coming out with the reality show based on this game.

Bezlikiy apart from being a popular Instagram influencer having more than 2 million followers is also a big Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game fan. Looking at the popularity of the game and the potential of e-sports, he thought of this innovative concept of gathering all the professional game players under one roof and live streaming their activities 24/7 through biggest online streaming platform Twitch. He is confident enough that his forthcoming show will win all accolades and emerge as one of the best known reality shows of present times.

The concept of reality show is old, but Bezlikiy’s show will have a twist to it, making it all the more unique for viewers to watch. Gaming fans are surely going to love the show as they would get the opportunity to watch their favourite players applying their strategies which would further their gaming techniques. They would learn a trick or two from these pro players by watching them live. For the first time game enthusiasts will be able to take a peek inside the world of a professional gamer and get to know what it takes to be on the top. A glimpse into the life of professional e-sports players has finally turned to reality with the introduction of this show by Bezlikiy. It has created much buzz amongst the gaming community who are waiting with bated breath for the first season of this reality show.

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