With an ingenious design that keeps it from toppling over or wobbling, TARRAN has introduced the T1 Pro cargo e-bike. TARRAN asserts that by introducing its smart gear, the new T1 Pro is intended to eliminate a significant disadvantage of riding a cargo e-bike. The Eurobike 2024 conference is currently taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, with the T1 Pro being one of the highlights.

Unlike longtail form factors, the TARRAN T1 Pro is an amazing foldable cargo e-bike that loads from the front. It uses a clever spacing strategy to keep everything balanced. The cargo e-bike’s front-loading layout accounts for much of its length, which is around 2.26 meters. Two kids 1.26 meters or shorter can fit in the TARRAN T1 Pro’s box without worrying about it toppling over. With its intelligent gear ensuring a balancing effect, the e-bike can carry up to 485 pounds.

The bike has unique Dynamic Dual-drive landing gears that kick in automatically in dangerous conditions. The motors on the gears enable effective deployment. With wireless charging, contactless locking, and anti-theft capabilities, the model has a 5.2-inch retina touchscreen with the TarranOS operating system.

With two 708Wh batteries included, the e-bike can travel up to 200 km on a single charge. The cargo e-bike’s top speed at its maximum payload has not yet been revealed. The TARRAN T1 Pro electric cargo bike’s complete release and price information are not yet available.

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