Operations in a streamlined work environment could be challenging. With obstacles present in daily activities, you don’t have to struggle with inefficient, outdated, or old technologies. Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore the most fundamental piece of technology that offers them a more significant overall productivity, while they place their attention on flashy gadgets.

Ethernet Cables

If your Ethernet cables have not been updated in a while, then it is possibly the time to think about getting an upgrade. According to your goals and the nature of your internet usage, your Ethernet cables can be drawing you back. You should always be on top of your cables, whether you need longer cables like a 75 feet Ethernet cable to connect devices that are close to another or smaller cables, as they form the support of your network infrastructure. 

There are several types of Ethernet cables available in the market today. The most fundamental of them all is the Category 5 cables. While these Cat 5 cables are not the most recent cable obtainable in the market in terms of speed, they will undoubtedly outclass a basic Wi-Fi connection. Category 5e cables offer an even faster service. The Cat 5e stands for “Category 5 enhanced”, so if you are shopping around for a 75 feet ethernet cable equipped with a little more punch, ensure that you are on the lookout for this.

Furthermore, on the high end of an Ethernet cable comes the Category 6 cables. Cat6 cables come in a variety of types such as stranded cm, Cat6 riser or Cat6 plenum. These cables tend to be a bit more expensive, but they provide the most top speeds. Whatever your needs could be, there are cables to address them, whether in terms of your budgetary concerns and in terms of network functionality. 

Cell Phone Accessories 

It does not come as a surprise that in the world today, a lot of businesses are being conducted with the use of a smartphone. This implies that you need to ensure that your smartphone can operate at best performance if you want to keep up. While the personal data plan and phone you choose is vital, you can also make an upgrade through a phone accessory. In most cases, an essential thing to consider is your phone charging cable. You will want to ensure that your battery maintains a strong charge if you are the type that uses your phone a lot. 

Practicing intelligent phone charging and upgrading your cables guarantees that you will be available always whenever you need to be. Providing your employees with these accessories at no cost will guarantee they will always be available to attend to any business-related matter without having to worry about a Low Battery. 

Surge Protectors

While you might be able to control a lot of things going on in a workplace environment, you might have no control over the weather. Failing to protect your data ahead of time can be hazardous if a particularly harsh storm occurs. While looking for the appropriate surge protector to protect your computer and other electronic devices in your workplace, endeavor that you always take into account the number of joules. A listed surge protectors joule number represents the energy absorption rate. 

To that effect, the more the number of joules, the better. For a home theater equipment or a computer, you might need to consider a surge protector with a joule rating of 2500 and beyond. You are rest assured in knowing that you’re safe from possibly hazardous power surges with the right surge protector for your computer and other kinds of electronic devices. 

When you play your part in ensuring that your technologies are all updated, then you give yourself a perfect chance in operating in a productive and effective workplace environment.

HDMI Cables

HDMI has become a practical standard for digital transmissions of sound and images. It is an interface for electrical devices through which audio and video signals could be digitally transmitted with almost no loss of quality. There are several versions with varying scopes of features. External devices, including notebooks, game consoles, media players, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players or receivers, are connected to a TV using an HDMI cable. 

It was stated that some version number of cables would no more be used to make it easier for users to buy the right cable. Instead, there are some types you need to operate in the workplace.

HDMI Standard

These types are ideal for transmitting high-resolution satellite TV and cable, for the wide variety of HD resolutions, and also upscaled DVD films.

HDMI Standard With Ethernet 

These cables are suitable for connecting internet-ready devices like game consoles and Blu-ray players to an internet-ready TV. They provide an extra channel for data transmissions in the workplace.


Many computer networks still rely on cables as the critical medium to operate in a workplace, although there have been a lot of advances in wireless technologies. There many kinds of technology and cables available to perform in a workplace, each designed for its particular purpose.

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