COVID-19 has impaired many businesses and we want to let you know how the entertainment industry was affected.

Who better to give insights than Patricia Pinto. Patricia Pinto is an entrepreneur who is a big inspiration for her talents in modeling and acting.

She let us get together for an exclusive interview which we will be sharing with you today here.

She owns the NYC modeling agency La Creme Modeling & Acting which has offices in Miami. She is also an actress, blogger, and former fashion model.

Let’s have a look at these tips she shared:

What do you hope to accomplish in the near future assuming things go back to normal?

Patricia Pinto: There’s so many, it’s hard to keep track. But to start, I just did an acting job during the pandemic with Columbia University last week, where I played a mother who suffered from a sleep disorder. The booking went well and you will be seeing it everywhere really soon. I want to do more of those in the future. Lots of cautions are taken before talent is booked nowadays, they make you get COVID-19 tests and quarantine for 2 weeks before the shoot. My husband went to set with me but he had to wait in the car because they can only allow 1 person per party on set. And things weren’t always like this, it’s COVID-19 that has changed the entertainment industry. I think things may go back to normal once we find the vaccine but I love the virtual audition trend. Not having to leave my home or drive to the city for a casting call is great and takes a lot of stress off of the shoulder of a talent agent, like myself. The other plan is to expand my modeling and acting agency, we want offices in more cities and countries in 2021. It may take a bit longer now because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but we will work towards that goal until it is fully fulfilled. We already have offices in places like Miami, Doral, New York City, to name a few. We’ve always wanted to continue to expand but then time becomes and issue.

How well are you doing time management wise?

Patricia Pinto: Well, with COVID-19 we happen to have more time than ever since states are on lockdown. We are currently planning where to open La Creme’s agency next and we like Texas but are not fully sure yet. Until things go back to normal it will be a hard call to make. Having agencies in other states and countries will help us get more work for our talent, which is our mission.

Who do you owe your success to?

Patricia Pinto: I’d like to give a shout out to God, my daughters Monica Pinto and Francesca Pinto, and my husband. They’ve all helped me substantially through my career and I trust they will continue to. A lot of recent acting jobs I’ve booked were for families, so I’m thankful to have a beautiful family to share my blessings with. I think we’ve finally found the perfect team at my modeling agency La Creme. We help our talent book 98% of the jobs we submit them to and I couldn’t do it without the La Creme team. Everyone works super hard to make things happen for my talent.

How can readers connect with you online?

Patricia Pinto: Well, on Instagram my name is @patriciaherrerapinto. We post casting calls on my agency’s Instagram @lacreme.

What tips do you have for other actors and models?

Patricia Pinto: The single most important rule I could give to someone is to never give up. Keep trying, if you fail then get up again and try again. Don’t let others put you down, be yourself, believe in your dreams and know that anything you can imagine is possible. Spread positivity. Never settle. My son, Nicholas Pinto, constantly reminds me this.

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