On the day of his birth on April 16, 2017, a 20-year-old young Pakistani Umair Ahmad founded the Youth Group Limited. At that time, he was living in Ahmad Nagar Chattha, a suburb of Gujranwala, Pakistan. His father was a very simple, sincere and hardworking man, and he always considered it a duty to earn a living by hardworking. Umair’s father’s name was Iftikhar Ahmad Butt, he founded the Iftikhar Traders, whose co-founder was Umair Ahmad. The Youth Group Limited was founded to raise the voice of the poor and to become the voice of the poor. Numerous institutions were laid under the same group.

Pakistan is a country to which almost all the countries of the world attach great importance. But there is no education system in this country. The first institution that Umair Ahmad founded to solve this major problem of Pakistan was an educational institution. Umair Ahmad named the educational institution the Youth Academy. The institute started its working from a small roof of Umair’s house. Where they used to teach children to sit on the mat. Overtime, after three to four months, Umair Ahmad was able to set up his own complete institute. In which they conducted better system interviews to educate the youth and they also had a lot of training for the children. Start setting up small institutions in different cities for different places.

Then, looking at the same institution, Umair Ahmad saw that the coming time is time of the computer. Umair Ahmad decided to create a computer institute to promote computer education in which all computer courses could be conducted. He started a computer training institute called the Youth Institute of Technology. A successful establishment in the vicinity of Joe Gujranwala. As it was later taken to different cities of Pakistan.

Not only did Umair Ahmad confine his struggle to the educational institution but he wanted to see the youth of Pakistan moving forward in every field of the world. Umair Ahmed wanted the Pakistani youth to immerse themselves in every sport in the world. He wanted the youth to enlighten Pakistan’s name in every field, so Umair started trying to establish all kinds of institutions. The difficulties that Umair faced in this war were funding. That is why Umair started giving time to other activities.

But still these are the institutions that Umair has founded so far, Youth Group Limited, The Youth Academy, Youth Institute of Technology, University of Youth, Pakistan Learning Point (Online), Hub ul Quran (Online Quran Academy), Youth HD TV, The Youth International – Pakistani Newspaper, Pakistan Times, USoft FM Radio, USoft Solutions, Hire Wikipedia Editor, Youth Productions, Youth Studio, Youth Films and Youth Publishers.

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