His immense talent has got him to the top slot too soon, say industry insiders.

Today’s music artists lack that special chutzpah which makes them bypass low phases and helps them stay afloat around the music sphere for a long time. However, a few have gained extreme mastery over the craft which have helped them gain enormous amounts of success. SAYF is one amongst them, who has carved his own distinct niche, which makes him float at the top of the game. Talking about the music he specializes in, R&B it is, which is one of the most loved genres around the world. Innumerable artists have been able to make their mark in the genre they hold expertise in, and SAYF is no exception, for he has done exceptionally well in his career spanning just a few years. This Dubai based music sensation has created his own following owing to his distinct style and tonal quality, which draws a healthy number of listeners towards his music.

He says that he was always inclined towards music since his early days, as he used to sneak into his uncle’s room and steal his Walkman to listen to his favourite music artists. Listening to Eminem and 2PAC on the loop, he built up his passion, which made him dwell deep into learning music. “I started writing poetry at a young age, which culminated into writing rap after a prolonged period,” says the rap sensation. With years of practice and perfecting himself, he finally accomplished his goals of becoming a fine music artist. He strongly advocates being focussed in order to achieve stardom as there might be multiple hurdles on the way, but not getting deterred and moving forward is the right way to make it to the top. Today, he stands amidst the best known artists of the world having already given three hits titled Squad, Lean and Wolves. When asked about his success, he says, “I still have a long way to go and a lot to achieve in my musical journey, as this is just the beginning.”

To know more, follow him on Instagram: @sayf.v.

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