Baseball is a sport that has seen many big names rising from different corners of the world, from Babe Ruth to Mike Trout. The newest addition to the list of sensational young upcoming players is Landon Bonneville, hailing from Suffolk, Virginia. At the tender age of sixteen, he has already earned a name and carved a significant entry point in the path of baseball.

Within a very short time in his career, he has shown promises to make it big and amazed several personalities with his talent. His name has successfully spread all over the country as well as outside Virginia, making it proud of this future professional athlete and star.

The journey from a teenager to a rising baseball star

Bonneville is presently a student of King’s Fork High School in Suffolk. But this high school boy has been trying hard for a long time to make an entry into the world of his dream sport, baseball. He always dreamt of becoming a professional athlete and player, and he is making his dream come true quite fast. He has quite established himself as a catcher, though he aims to be a right-handed pitcher as well, which is his secondary position. Moreover, he plays for the summer team, Western Branch Thunder, to hone his sports skills, earning stunning stats in his career graph.

Significant Achievements

The teenage baseball player does a commendable job at throwing a fastball at 78mph-80mph. His maximum stat shows 82mph. Also, he can throw a curveball at 73mph, a sharp rise from his previous 68-70mph. These marvelous stats have earned him 88.58 percentile in the class of 2022. Also, the Prep Baseball Report says that Landon has a 60 time of 7.59 and his POP time is 2 to 2.02. With an average home to first of 4.75, he touches professional levels in every category. It is truly incredible to see Landon achieve such astonishing records at such a young age.

The report also keeps him in the top three uncommitted catches in the class. He is sure to soar high in the percentile soon with his continuous achievements and new records. Not to forget, the young star has already played for Team USA thrice.

Future Plans

Landon’s career graph shows a steep rise, and he is already playing on a professional level with his superb talents and skills. There is no doubt that he is undoubtedly making it big in the world of baseball. But the young player has other things on his mind too in case baseball doesn’t work out. He is quite multi talented and has a lot of dreams and plans on his list.

For the record, he paints and creates customized shoes and is also interested in the music business. He dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, but he has alternative plans ready, too, if it does not work out. He would then like to join the music industry as a sound engineer or get involved in music promotions, record labels, etc.

Such elaborate plans for the future at such an impressionable age shows a lot about the hugely talented teenage star. Everyone is sure that he wouldn’t have to try an alternate career ever as baseball has met its new sensation in the making.

Landon Bonneville is also out there on social media. He uses Instagram for all the followers and fans, where he posts updates about his sports and career. He is quite active on other social media platforms too such as TikTok, which is very important for all rising stars. He keeps his followers always updated on Instagram and has a massive following of 27,000 already.

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