Luxury Antonovich Design has been recognized as the top luxurious architecture and interior design Company worldwide. This luxurious company based in Dubai has been developing the top prestigious projects in the world that is owned by the royal families, VIP’s, and world top leaders. Over the years of continuous success in the field of architecture and interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design has become the most reliable company that provides absolute services and executions towards every project. Luxury Antonovich Design provides full services and project executions from A to Z, which brings out the most convenient and hassle-free experience for every client. From the arrangement of the main layout and drawings, space planning procedures, design implementations, selection of materials and furniture design, fit-out work execution, installations, and fixing up to the turnkey solution. Luxury Antonovich Design has also introduced the 3D visualization – the high definition technology that is using for interior designing wherein the client will be having a chance to see the actual look and presentation of their home or properties as it features the realistic design arrangement of the project with complete accordance of every measurement, parameters and design.

With the great leadership of its Owner, The Luxury Antonovich’s design is being directed by Katrina Antonovich – the world’s most luxurious interior designs. Katrina Antonovich is the CEO, Chief Designer and Architect of Luxury Antonovich Design. No doubt that Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known for its remarkable luxurious designs all over the world. Katrina Antonovich is also the owner of the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai – the “KA Luxury” which is showcasing the widestcollection of luxurious furniture and materials that are being used in every project executions. KA Luxury is featuring the signature furniture and decoration collections of Katrina Antonovich which is known as the “KA Brand”. KA Luxury has its own manufacturing and factory with its in-house professional and skilled production team that has the full ability to perform the most exquisite design for furniture and premium class materials. It is also the direct and authorized supplier of the most famous luxurious furniture brands from Turkey and Italy.

It was indeed such a great advantage for the Luxury Antonovich Design to have its own furniture store with manufacturing and factory as it has the full ability to perform the exact design execution in every project according to every proposed and approved design. It is also bringing out extra cost efficiency towards every client to receive each furniture and full materials that needful in the project. Indeed, Luxury Antonovich Design is a one-stop-shop for every local and international client that desires to achieve their dream home or property to reality. It has been always a great honor and pleasure for the Luxury Antonovich design Team to always bring out the best design executions with every project and exceeding every client’s expectations. Luxury Antonovich Design is continuously bringing out the best design ideas and implementations to its every client and project with the most luxurious and elegant design like no other. 

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