Lena believes that honing certain skills can help aspiring influencers of fashion on Instagram to grow and go beyond boundaries.

Gone are the days when fashion was only a talked-about subject in magazines and publications. Today the scene is completely different and much wider than what people had believed a few years ago when social media was not a part of our routines. The emergence of social media platforms and the digital world as a whole has changed the game and career for many professionals all around the world, and this is certainly a sight to behold, especially for many youngsters who can take cues from the already success stories of the industry and try their best in doing what they seek to do in their chosen industries. Lena, a 40-year-old talented mind from the US who originally hails from Ukraine, always had in her mind to live a life on her own terms, but little did she know that her health would pose as a hurdle on her way.

You think she gave up? Well, if she had, she wouldn’t have reached the position she enjoys today as a well-recognized and loved fashion influencer on Instagram. Lena is a name that has earned so much love over these years for her content and posts also because she stands unique in the industry with a different level of vibe that includes all kinds of colours in her content.

Lena shares her views on the skills needed for aspiring fashion Instagrammers.

  • Go all out in capturing the right images: To show the world what you love and how you are excelling in the same, Lena says that one needs to hone their photography skills and go all-out in capturing the right images to translate the real vibe of fashion on Instagram.
  • Miss-matching skills: Creativity is something fashion influencers and Instagrammers need to be friends with for life. It is great to miss-match fashion clothes and accessories and post creative things on Instagram to attract more attention and buzz on the platform.
  • Cross-promotional skills: It is great to post about other Instagrammers and influencers who do excellently well with their content. This creates more inspiration and the free-way to share more different ideas with each other in the field.

Wearing colours, Lena believes, has helped her stand unique in the industry. Also, talking about travel, her experiences with her chronic illness, which she suffers since 1999, beauty, wellness, health and fashion of course at large on Instagram and her website has given her wings to create a life on her own terms and achieve exponential success as a creator and influencer on Instagram. Head to her website, https://lenasworld.com/ and her Instagram @panthere_instyle now to know more.

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