Individuals with hypertension should take the medications recommended and embrace a healthy way of life to hold the condition in check.

Educator Tan Huay Cheem, administrator of the Singapore Heart Foundation, offers a few hints:

Pick a reasonable eating regimen Maintaining a healthy weight is significant in monitoring circulatory strain. Expanded body weight raises circulatory strain and potentially the requirement for higher portions and more medications to control the weight.

Pick a healthy and adjusted eating regimen that incorporates sugar, protein, foods grown from the ground in suppers, as they give the essential fuel to day by day exercises.

Lessen salt admission Reduce your intake of salt, immersed fat and cholesterol, while expanding that of fiber and potassium, lean protein and high calcium from nourishments, for example, low-fat dairy.

The day by day utilization of salt a day ought to be under 5g (one teaspoon) as suggested by the World Health Organization. In any case, in the National Nutrition Survey 2020 directed by Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singaporeans were found to expend 8.3g day by day.

Dietary salt happens normally in new food. It additionally originates from salt included cooking, just as safeguarded and prepared food.

Pick new food over saved food, pay special mind to HPB more beneficial decision images, for example, “lower in sodium” or “no added sodium” and consistently lessen the utilization of extra salt and sauces in cooking or at the table.

Exercise routinely Regular physical movement is significant. The Ministry of Health’s proposal is to focus on in any event 150 minutes of moderate-power practice seven days, or possibly 30 minutes of moderate-force practice five to seven days per week. Savor liquor balance Alcohol ought to be expended with some restraint. It adds to calorie allow and can cause weight gain.

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