The present Doodle, delineated by Depok-based visitor artist Danu Fitra, celebrates Noken, the specialty of traditional handmade packs that holds extraordinary social and financial centrality all through Indonesia’s Papua and West Papua Provinces.

Lately the life span of this staple of Papuan legacy has gone under danger, however following its expansion to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List in Need of Urgent Safeguarding on this day in 2012, incredible steps have been taken to make sure about Noken’s supportability for people in the future.

Noken bags are normally produced using materials like tree strands, bark, or leaves, which are handled into strong threads and afterward knotted or woven together.

This unpredictable handcraft has been gone down through the generations and requests refined material expertise, committed consideration, and no lack of creative vision. The final result is a sturdy and adaptable pack generally used to ship and store things like food or firewood, and even to convey little youngsters or creatures.

Outside of its ordinary use, Noken has customarily satisfied numerous social and financial purposes also. For instance, Noken fills in as an image of cultural unification among in excess of 250 ethnic groups in the district; because of its worth, it very well may be utilized as a sort of reserve funds; and it frequently assumes an emblematic part in the peaceful resolution of disputes.

Here’s to an timeless craft that is inseparably woven into the fabric of Indonesian culture.

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