`Indian weddings are incomplete without mehendi like pizza is incomplete without cheese. It not only looks lovely on the bride’s hands, it also has great cultural significance. Across several cultures in India, mehendi is believed to be a symbol of harmony and good fortune. The various designs drawn with mehendi also represent joy and peace. It marks the ushering of the bride into her new life. So, it is quite obvious that you want your mehendi design to look mesmerising on your big day. Here are some mehndi designs for you to get inspired from:

  1. Be Trendy With Portrait Mehendi


    A portrait mehendi design can truly elevate your bridal look by adding that touch of personalisation. Nothing makes more sense than your bridal mehndi portraying you, right? This mehndi design features a lovely decked up bride with a flower in her hand, lost in thought about her groom to be, while the wrist has a lace inspired pattern. This mehndi design is very feminine and truly one of a kind.

  2. For The Bride Who Likes to Keep it Ethnic…With a Twist


    Full of ethnic motifs, neat florals, lace-inspired patterns and paisleys, this mehndi design has a hint of customisation with the addition of two coffee cups, representing the couple’s first date. You can easily add a symbol of your favourite memory with your groom, like a trip you both went on or even a reference to your favourite TV show! This way, you can make your bridal mehendi design truly made for you.

  3. It’s All in the Details


    Make everyone stop and stare with this intricate mehndi design that is truly a work of art. A stunning medley of ethnic motifs with hardly any negative space, this mehendi design is symmetrical and will photograph beautifully. It will pair very well with a traditional red lehenga. If you’re all about keeping it traditional for your big day, this design has to be on your vision board.

  4. A Rose Garden On Your Hands


    This captivating and very unique mehndi design will transport you to your floral fantasies. It takes inspiration from the most well known symbol of romance found in nature – the rose flower. The roses are in full bloom, symbolising the blossoming of a new chapter in your life. Perfect for a wedding set in the springtime, this mehendi design will have you seeing la vie en rose!

  5. For the Bride Who Isn’t Afraid to Go Bold


    Not everyone likes dainty details, and this Arabic inspired mehendi design is all about bold lines and large motifs. It isn’t very complex but is guaranteed to grab attention. From the fingertips to the wrists, the hands are all decked up in lovely flowers, peacock feathers, leaves, and vines. Who needs a bouquet when your mehendi can do all the work?

So, these are some trendy mehendi designs for brides that are sure to be the talk of the town when they adorn your hands on your wedding day. To know more about inspiring and trendy bridal mehendi designs, check out Cosmetics Arena.

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