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Ripping the cobwebs, the door slowly opens, emitting moonlight into the abandoned hall. A man with a flashlight followed by his friend with a video camera entered. Warriors are ready to embark on a mission and encounter the phantoms of the night. They walk past the broken chandelier next to a pentagram drawn in dried-up blood. Their discoveries are set to a halt as a tune plays… Beethoven’s Symphony with a more sadistic motive. As they approach the source of the voice, their horrors are given validation by a gossamer-attired woman weeping as she plays the piano with her crooked fingers. And… *static* 

Have they got you there for a second? Ghost hunting is an exciting profession. But you are mistaken if you expect witches and goblins to take you on a tour of their mansions.

Let’s debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding ghost hunting.

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  1. Creatures of the night

According to every horror movie, ghosts are only allowed a pass at night. But why the night in particular? The time between 3 and 4 am is known as the “Witching hour,” for demonic activities are at their peak. Some myths suggest that it is at this time the fabric separating the supernatural and natural world is thinned.

Not only does this lack scientific substance, but it also contradicts the vast proportion of paranormal encounters experienced by people who have encountered supernatural entities in the light of day. Darkness influences our perceptions of reality to be played with.

So don’t be mistaken; even ghosts might want to come out for a tan if they wanted to.

  • A death wish:

Most people view ghost hunters as these manic adrenaline junkies that put themselves in harm’s way in the pursuit of truth… and those people are right, well, hear us out.

It is easy to be afraid of the unknown. How can you begin to assess or trust something you can’t perceive with your five senses? The key is to approach and examine your parameter with respect. Ask questions that are dignified and not provocative. You can’t poke a bear with a stick without expecting to get mauled. Most spirits are docile, for they have been humans in the past. Though it is dangerous if you trip over a wire or step on a nail, carrying a torch is recommended.

  • Science to the rescue

We have come very far in science and technology, but not enough. Science can debunk black holes running amuck in the center of galaxies but can’t answer the question, “Are ghosts real?”

EMF meters, temperature guns, and night vision cameras are some of the articles ghost hunters borrow from science. However, these gadgets still are not designed to detect ghosts. The EMF meter is used to record electromagnetic disturbances in its vicinity, temperature guns record variations in temperature, and night vision cameras help us record videos in the dark. These might help us catch resonances and trails left by ghosts, but that is left up for conjecture.

         The ambiguity surrounding the supernatural persists.

  • The ghost retriever

Dogs are hyperactive creatures, looking for a tennis ball to play with, a squirrel to chase, and a bone to chew on. Hence, it’s unsettling when you catch your dog staring into the distance blankly, growling or barking for no apparent reason.

It only begs the question; can they see what you cannot?

Dogs have more sharpened senses compared to humans regarding sight and smell. Their perception of dusk and twilight is superior compared to us humans. Though, still not enough to detect a ghost. Dogs can pick up higher frequencies and intricate movements with their listening and sight. It isn’t easy to fathom what we cannot perceive. So before taking your German shepherd into an abandoned insane asylum filled with uncharted scents, realize that the scientific answer to dogs is seeing ghosts are, we do not know.  

  • Rely on your proof

Stories without hard-clad evidence are just that… stories. Every individual has their perspective and susceptibility to believing things that don’t exist or exaggerating their experiences. Seeing is believing, which is why you are ghost hunting on your own accord. Form your thesis and document as much as possible to make your hypothesis distinguishable from the rest of the “stories.”

Ready to hunt

Now that we are better ghost hunters, having debunked the various stigmas and misconceptions surrounding ghost hunting, it is time to grab your gear and discover what’s behind the cobwebs that separate us from knowing the truth.  

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