Have you ever dreamt of having that drool worthy sculpted body? Vaughn Cohen can help you achieve it through his training programs.

The fitness and wellness industry has grown leaps and bounds with many wanting to have that sculpted physique to die for. There are many fitness experts, who are known for their mastery in incredible body transformations, but there is one who stands out from the crowd and has become the most sought after trainer on a global platform, he is Vaughn Cohen.

Vaughn Cohen started his fitness journey as a teen and with his half baked knowledge has gone through all the mistakes that a novice does when starting out. His early days were all about lifting heavy weights and spending hours at the gym backed by improper training style. His partner had to go through a tough time keeping up with his pace resulting in injuries. Cohen had been adapting an improper training methodology which took a toll on him later. His daily regime consisted of hours of weight training followed by cross fit which resulted in an injured deltoid and a bad back. His movements were completely frozen due to these injuries. Realizing that he was going overboard with his training and that he needs to drastically change his workout pattern he got himself enrolled with Nick Mitchell’s gyms in Marbella and since then has moved on to be one of the best with top form and loads of in-depth knowledge of fitness.

Cohen credits his coach Elliot Upton to restructure his training regime and dietary patterns, he says “Elliott completely changed my outlook and guided me to concentrate on form rather than lifting heavy, he also chalked out a diet plan which worked wonders for me and today I’m in my top peak condition, all thanks to him”. Loaded by proper training knowledge backed by his now top quality physical condition, Cohen went on to become one of the best fitness trainers we have ever seen and with his growing demand, is ready to set the fitness and wellness industry on fire.

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