2020 is not the easiest year to start a fashion brand. However, with the right advice, aspiring fashion designers and creators can succeed. “For the Leaux,” founder Victor Madu, a fashion entrepreneur, launched his apparel brand out of his college dorm room and has since sold over 20,000 products to people in over 20 countries and all 50 states. As an expert in the industry, Victor shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the community who want to break out this year.

Learn along the way

It can be tempting to spend months or even years researching fashion trends and getting your brand ready for launch. “It’s better to just forge ahead and start putting out merchandise,” says Madu. “You can figure stuff out on your own without getting hung up on things before you even launch.”

Create a community around your brand

Victor doesn’t bother with traditional advertising with For the Leaux. Instead, he turns his attention to creating a community surrounding his brand. “I have customers who have collections of over 100 of our pieces,” he shares. “I create clothes in lots of colors and styles, so they’re collectible. When you purchase one of our items, one of our brand ambassadors reaches out to you to make you a part of the community. That helps with customer retention.”

Don’t worry about brick and mortar

Madu is constantly told to open a brick and mortar store, but it’s not on his radar right now. He explains, “2020 isn’t the right time to open a physical location. So much can just be done online.”

Start for the right reasons

Many people start as entrepreneurs to get rich. While it’s normal for money to be a motivating factor, Victor feels that you must be passionate about the industry to make a name for yourself. “If you’re not actually into fashion and just want to get rich quick, it’ll show,” he points.

Give back

Since launching For the Leaux, Victor Madu has donated over $20,000 to charity. “Once you start making enough money, it’s nice to give back to your community. It positions your company well and makes you feel good as a person,” he concludes.

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