Digital trading has offered huge earning potential if done the right way and there is one experienced individual who has all the knowledge and right strategies to strike the right chord.

We are talking about Daniel Oche Onoja, who with his profound knowledge in digital trading platforms has created a strong global presence and his reach is growing by the day.

Daniels story dates back to his homeland in Lagos, Nigeria where he lived 18 years of his life with family. After completing his schooling in the year 2006, he was introduced to forex trading by one of his close friends. He has always been drawn towards the information technology world and this type of digital financial product trading fascinated him till no end.

In between trading in forex, he even dabbled into network marketing but didn’t take the profession seriously. After completing his secondary school he joined Wimax Institute of computer technology and during his stint at the institute gained experience of software vendoring, web applications, computer hardware and maintenance. While undergoing training at the University of Abuja he gained all the knowledge that was remotely related to financial technology and came out well versed in it.

By 2015 network marketing was gaining prominence in introducing various financial products to a larger audience and to capitalize this trend and brush up his network marketing and leadership skills he joined the GLE team which is headed by Paulo Tuynman. With the able guidance and support of Paulo and on his recommendation Daniel joined a top financial technology company which has a global presence in Forex and Crypto currency business with clients spread across100 countries and backed by a private bank in London fully regulated by the FCA to provide banking solutions to people worldwide.

Daniel today is a known name in this field providing Education and mentoring more than 20,000 members spread across the globe from Africa, UK, Middle East, Asia and Australia. His goal is to mentor millions through his profound knowledge on digital financial products and break the shackles of financial deprivation.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at

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