Where’s Next For Abraham Adegeye?

The social media star has been flirting with TV appearances for a while now, although he is careful about his collaborations and would only consider serious acting. At 24, the popular young man has plenty of options.

It all started a few years ago when he was still a school kid. Abraham liked fashion and photography and combined both interests by sharing photos of his latest outfits, on a regular basis. But what happened was, over time, he reached a professional level.

Since then he has modeled for some very familiar and big names that include Coca-Cola, Pacsun, Vans, Converse, Fossil, H&M and Umbro. These have all been big campaigns that there is a good chance you will have seen at some point. Whilst taking part in this campaign, something he would like
to do even more of, he still finds time to upload to a personal blog, a YouTube channel and of course share on Instagram to his legion of followers. He also manages to find time to study marketing at university, something he says is his Plan B.

In a crowded industry he manages to stand out by choosing to stay unique and himself. He is a little different to some who share similar content, in that the outfits he wears cover many different genres of styles rather than sticking to one in particular, and he also lets his followers take a peek into his life and thoughts a little more than is common. It helps create an even richer experience from a young man who comes across as an authentic guy who clearly wants to remain true to himself and not sell out.

With this kind of reach, he may be expected to launch a spin-off business, and in fairness this is something that he has thought about, and has in fact been brainstorming ideas. But he is not in an immediate rush to do this, inspiration comes before selling he says and he wants to continue to inspire
when sharing his fashion photography and videos, something that he would like to increase his output on. Given the chance he would also welcome some more magazine coverage, and is open to TV as a platform, as long as it is part of a high quality production such as a well made commercial.

Ultimately, Abraham is a fashion influencer who really enjoys sharing his fashion picks with his fans as well as being involved in campaigns with a variety of brands as part of his modelling career. It will be interesting to watch this space and where things go next for this ambitious influencer.

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