Stadia is moving toward its first anniversary in only a couple weeks, and however the cloud gaming service has filled a great deal in the previous year, there’s still bounty to enhance — particularly with regards to program uphold.

Another Chrome extension called Stadia Enhanced expects to address a portion of those trouble spots by adding a lot of valuable changes and empowering cool customization includes that Google has neglected to add itself.

Stadia Enhanced unravels what, as far as they might be concerned, is the most evident issue on desktop: its absolutely impossible to look for a particular game in the Stadia store.

How Google, an search company, has fail to put a pursuit bar on the Stadia Store site for this long is past me, yet this expansion cures that by putting it directly at the highest point of the page.

The expansion packs in a lot of other convenient changes, as well. It permits you to pick your favored codec (VP9 or H264), empower 2K and 4K streaming (contingent upon your GPU), and rapidly access things like screen captures, video catches, accomplishments, and transfer details like FPS and inactivity.

In any event, perusing through your library of games is better gratitude to an adjustable network design that lets you see multiple games all at once.

Stadia Enhanced is totally allowed to utilize, and it’s additionally open source. You can examine the code, read the changelog, and report current issues over on the undertaking’s GitHub page.

On the off chance that you need to give it a shot for yourself, head to the Chrome Web Store and install Stadia Enhanced today. It’s definitely a useful extension if you’re serious about Stadia. Even Artem likes it.

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