The International Asteroid Day is seen to spread mindfulness among individuals about the power and effect that a asteroid can have when it crashes on planet Earth.

June 30th is celebrated as International Asteroid Day around the world. This year will check the sixth anniversary of World Asteroid day.

The United Nations General Assembly in December 2016 received a goals A/RES/71/90 and assigned 30 June as International Asteroid Day.

The date of June 30th was chosen as it denotes the commemoration of the Tunguska event.

As indicated by the official press statement, Marc Scheper, Head of Space Transportation, Robotic Missions and Exploration stated, “Asteroid Day rightly demands that asteroids must be discovered since they pose a risk to our planet from time to time. The combination of NASA’s deflection mission DART and ESA’s mission HERA allows us to find out how asteroid deflection works and, at the same time, learn more about these celestial bodies. I am proud that OHB is the designated industrial prime for the HERA mission”.

World Asteroid Day celebration

This year all the festival identified with World Asteroid Day will be led for all intents and purposes because of the flare-up of COVID-19.

This year, the point for World Asteroid Day 2020 would incorporate about the pace of disclosures finished concerning asteroids throughout the years, why there is a requirement for quickened revelations on space rocks, the appearance of tests from asteroid Ryugu and Bennu, arrangements for U.S.- Europe crucial respects to asteroid Didymos, and some more.

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