The World Athletics Day-2020 is seen on the 7 May. The first World Athletics Day was seen in 1996.

International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) presented World Athletics Day so as to help investment in sports among youngsters.

World Athletics Day falls under IAAF’s social duty venture ‘Athletics for a Better World’. It is seen to make individuals mindful of the different health problems and to advance physical fitness.

World Athletics Day 2020

World Athletics Day is every year celebrated on May 7. Be that as it may, the date is exposed to change as IAAF chooses the date each year, however the month continues as before which is May.

In 2019, World Athletics Day was seen on May 7 and the equivalent is said to be the date for 2020, yet the official affirmation is yet to be made.

History of World Athletics Day

The World Athletics Day was celebrated in 1996 first time. Primo Nebiolo, the then-leader of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), presented the occasion.

IAAF was established in 1912 in Sweden as the universal administering body for the game of field athletics and track. The event is supported and composed by IAAF.

A few rivalries happen on the day with the most widely recognized sorts are track and field, street running, race strolling and crosscountry running, and etc.

The first-ever World Athletics Day was themed around the Centennial version of the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Two young men and young ladies from the event were taken from every one of the mainland zones and were welcomed by International Federation to go to the Atlanta Olympics.

These practices were followed in progressive years. In 2006, members for the occasion were matured between 7 to 15 years. Later on, the age hole was changed to 13 to 17 years.

Significance of World Athletics Day

The underlying thought process of World Athletics Day was just the support of kids who were individuals from clubs related with IAAF leagues. Afterward, the point of the undertaking extended to remember the support of younger students for group rivalries.

This is on the grounds that schools are the perfect spots to advance the advantages of physical action as a rule and of athletics in explicit. The principle extent of World Athletic Day is recorded below.

  • Increment public awareness about games and to instruct youths about the significance of sports.
  • Advance Athletics as the essential game in schools and foundations.
  • Advance games among the adolescent.
  • Set up a connection between the youth, sport, and ecological protection.
  • To step by step set up athletics as the main cooperation sport in schools everywhere throughout the world.
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