World Food Day 2020: United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stamped October 16 of consistently as World Food Day.

The current health emergency started by Coronavirus pandemic has caused us all to sit up and observe the significance of keeping up our health. The need of burning-through nutritious food got the long-due impetus and the issue of food shortage got the consideration it truly required.

The current year’s World Food Day is given to feature food and horticulture as a huge piece of COVID-19 reaction. Back home in India, PM Narendra Modi will likewise be dispatching a memorial coin to mark the special day.

World Food Day 2020: Date And History

United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) marked October 16 of consistently as World Food Day in the year 1979. World Food Day 2020 additionally denotes the 75th commemoration of FAO.

At first, World Food Day was dispatched to commemorate the establishment of FAO. Progressively, the day transformed into a global occasion, making awareness about food deficiency and resuscitating food systems over the globe.

World Food Day 2020: Theme

Consistently, World Food Day attempts to advance food and save food resources. Considering the current pandemic this year, the day will be celebrated with the theme – “Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.”

World Food Day 2020: Significance

World Food Day makes numerous projects and activities to feature and take fundamental activities for food security and great nourishment for all, with an special spotlight on poor and vulnerable communities around the world.

With respect to World Food Day 2020, the official site of FAO says:

World Food Day is calling for worldwide solidarity to support all populaces, and particularly the most vulnerable, to recoup from the emergency, and to make food systems stronger and powerful so they can withstand expanding instability and atmosphere stuns, convey moderate and reasonable healthy diets for all, and respectable jobs for food system laborers.

This will require improved social security plans and new open doors offered through digitalization and online business, yet additionally more reasonable farming practices that save the Earth’s characteristic assets, our health, and the atmosphere.

World Food Day 2020: How To Get Involved

FAO urges individuals to commend the individuals who produce, plant, collect, fish or transport our food and approach the general population to thank these #FoodHeroes who, regardless of the conditions, keep on giving food to their networks and past – assisting with developing, feed and support our reality.

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