Aiming to bring about a positive change through his music, Wrista is determined to transform Gulf’s underdeveloped rap culture into an established identity.

Many musical art forms have paved the way for many talented heads and minds to come forward and display their skills as an artist to the world. Since music is considered a universal language in itself, all music lovers do not really differentiate between genres and from where the music originates; they love the art in its truest form because they know and understand the power behind it in making a positive difference in people’s lives. Hip Hop is amongst those music genres that is the most customizable and even popular all over the world. It undoubtedly also influenced many in regions of the world where hip hop was never the culture and perhaps is still not. Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, also known as Wrista today, a young talent in music, grew up in such an environment in Bahrain, where hip hop was considered a thing only of the west.

Falling in love with hip hop happened to Wrista since the age of 6, when he first got his ears and attention hooked on to a track by Tupac called ‘Changes’. His inclination towards the hip hop world influenced him more to listen to the US underground rap artists at 12 years. In his early teens itself, Wrista understood how people turned pain into passion into music and brought out the best songs through penmanship and musical talents. This is what drove him into becoming one of them like the artists based in the US and Canada, even after knowing the underdeveloped scene of rap and hip hop in the Gulf.

Initially, to even imagine the life of a hip hop artist was like a task for Wrista and the journey for him so far has also been extremely tough. If it had not been for his strong will and passion for his music and craft, Wrista would have remained just another music enthusiast of Bahrain. But hours of relentless hard work and the drive to transform raw emotions into music has what turned Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf into Wrista today. Organizers in the region only focused on giving more chances to the established names in the industry and on the other side, Wrista struggled with getting even a single show gig, making him go through multiple channels. However, social media did come to the rescue of many budding artists of the Gulf, but only to a certain point, helping Wrista as well to promote himself to people through the medium. TikTok helped Wrista gain increasing popularity for his meaningful tracks and music, where today he is a musical star with 30K followers already.

Talking about the response of his songs so far in Bahrain, Wrista says that it has been a bittersweet experience. Many people have appreciated his music and are also surprised that such music genres do exist in Bahrain. At the same time, some people have even refused the idea of a Bahraini artist creating ‘Western’ rap music. They have notions that the locals should not pretend to be like the western artists, but Wrista believes that hip hop is that music artform which goes beyond boundaries and that is its beauty.

Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf gave himself a musical name of Wrista in 2015 and the next year he came up with his own creative team called ‘LOADB” (Last of a dying breed). Wrista’s innate music skills and forte to make a connect with his audiences and listeners, started healing people from within through his music. The young artist has collaborated in multiple soundtracks and music arrangement for the movies industry.

Wrista released 8 tracks officially on Spotify, gaining him great momentum as a 20-year-old artist. He got approved for Fiverr Pro in June 2020, which has resulted in him gaining a foreign fanbase as well.

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