The Xiaomi Anti-Blue Light Glasses Pro are now available in China. Offering beta-titanium temples, the new product comes in three different stylistic variations. With its clever integration of high-efficiency anti-blue light capability, the MIJIA Anti-Blue Light Glasses Pro come with well crafted lenses.

According to Xiaomi, the model makes use of cutting-edge anti-blue light film technology for an optimal result that surpasses present national norms. Long-term screen exposure-related blue light damage and visual fatigue are successfully reduced by the design. The model’s lenses are made of premium PC material, which suggests longevity and a lightweight design. Compared to conventional acrylic resin lenses, the glasses’ impact resistance can be up to ten times higher. As a result, it offers the user’s eyes a robust protective shield.

The beta-titanium alloy used to make the glasses’ temples has exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Because it is lightweight, wearing it doesn’t put as much strain on the ears. The brow frame, square frame, and round frame designs of the new Xiaomi MIJIA Anti-Blue Light Glasses Pro are available and will fit most facial shapes.

The lens’s surface is precisely coated in 24 layers, 20 of which are unique OAR anti-reflection coating layers. In order to provide a brighter and more distinct field of vision, the design greatly increases light transmittance while lowering reflection.

Cost and Availability

The Xiaomi MIJIA Anti-Blue Light Glasses Pro retails for 219 yuan ($30) and can be bought on Xiaomi has not released any global availability information for the new glasses.

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