The Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Edition, which Xiaomi announced last week, has a 10-level composite deep purification mechanism that addresses 95 distinct types of air contaminants. At 5799 Yuan ($797), this feature-rich purifier is currently available for purchase in China.

The Mijia All-Effect Air Purifier Ultra Enhanced Specifications are as follows:

Four main “indoor pollution high purification demand scenarios” that Chinese families frequently experience are taken care of by the air purifier. They include odor removal, health anxiety reduction, air purification for moms and newborns, and the removal of formaldehyde from newly constructed homes.

The purifier’s 10-level composite deep purification mechanism is its key component. This technique uses a special layer of oxygen dissolution to break down contaminants and turn them into innocuous materials. Additionally, ultrafine particles as small as 0.08–0.09 microns are successfully removed using a high-precision PM1 filter layer.

A cutting-edge feature of the air purifier is “formaldehyde decomposition.” This cutting-edge technology does away with the need for regular filter replacements by breaking down formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water using a catalytic formaldehyde breakdown filter core. Additionally, a unique research oxygen dissolution layer effectively eliminates aromas such as cooking fumes and secondhand smoke.

The full-frame light curtain and UV ultraviolet module of the Mijia Ultra Enhanced Air Purifier prioritize the ongoing killing of bacteria and viruses. By doing this, the air purifier’s filter core is kept clean and the quality of the air is improved overall.

The air purifier’s “pet-specific filter layer” efficiently eliminates pet odors and dander allergens for pet owners. This filter layer is intended to function in tandem with the entire purification system to give pet owners a cleaner and cozier living space.

The Xiaomi smart home ecosystem effortlessly incorporates the air purifier. With the help of the Mi Home app, users can customize their purification modes, keep an eye on air quality statistics, and use HyperOS Connect to link the purifier to other smart home appliances for automated scenarios. Additionally, it is compatible with the Xiao Ai voice assistant’s voice control features.

The air purifier has a long-lasting, ultra-low attenuation filter group that is built to last for a long time. The carbon array filter minimizes the need for replacements with a 36-month lifespan, while the full-effect composite filter has a 24-month lifespan. For the full-effect composite filter, the anticipated daily average cost is 0.68 yuan, whereas for the carbon array filter, it is 0.46 yuan.

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