It is every entrepreneur’s dream to set up a successful and lucrative business. It comes with it’sset ofchallenges. Every great business starts with an idea, passion, and capital. Some entrepreneurslike Yemeni Mason start from scratch with just ideas and passion with minimal capital.

Mason is an entrepreneur who now owns four very successful businesses that generatemillions of dollars in revenue. He is the founder and CEO of four companies – Secure The Funding, Azure Financial Solutions, MBC Media Group LLC, and VestMunity. He is working on a new venture, Black Star Credit Union that will soon be functional.

Like other entrepreneurs, Mason has had a fair share of failures in his entrepreneurship journey, but that did not put him off.Instead, it spurred him on to work harder to succeed.

Mason almost quit when, in the beginning, things did not go his way. He would invest but not see any tangible returns, but he ultimately decided to push on until he generated a profit.

According to him, giving up is not an option if you want to succeed as a business owner. If something does not work out, you have to figure out a solution and find a way to make it work. He says that if he had given up, he wouldn’t be the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

“Be knowledgeable about your line of business before starting any operations. Read books and talk to others in that line of business so that you can avoid making costly rookie mistakes,” cautions Mason.

The FIU graduate in International Business & Management used his knowledge and skills from his financial advisor job (and with some preciousadvice from his realtor mother) to set up his first business helping homeowners secure mortgages. Based on that experience and his prowess in online marketing, he set up his other companies that all wildly succeeded.

Starting one business and running it till it succeeds is often challenging, but starting four multimillion-dollar ones, is an uphill task that Yemani Mason has managed to do.

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