Youmna Khoury is a popular name in the Middle East and the story of her rise to success is not quite like your conventional success stories. Youmna Khoury is not your normal businesswoman, she is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Middle East, and that is a gigantic accomplishment. She is young and ambitious – a true business visionary hailing from Lebanon and presently dwelling in Dubai with her family. Youmna runs her own company called Youmi online Shop. Likewise, she is additionally right now dealing with another E-trade venture which will be delivered soon, so remain tuned!

It started all in Lebanon where she had set up her own salon for individuals, and figured out that there are some wonderful additional items that could enhance her client’s style, for instance, luxury lashes, beautiful colored contact lenses, and sleek and stunning hair extensions. Youmna then started her own online brand which you can access through this website: Over the years, her online store has gained a lot of success with thousands of clients pouring in from all over the world. 

Her diligent effort and her mentality to never surrender have been two significant components and the main impetus behind her prosperity and her rise to success. The serious market doesn’t make it simple for new organizations to flourish. Nonetheless, Youmna was diligent to satisfy her goals and ambitions. In this manner, not just her online business rose to success, she additionally collected enormous ubiquity on Instagram as well. With 574k followers, she is a seriously popular and influential instagram model. Youmna’s resolute hard work has paid off as is seen by the huge number of happy clients she has the world over. All her products are supremely flawless for men and women across the globe.  

Youmna states that her rise to success has not generally been a simple one. She expresses that she needed to pour in her hard work, and had the option to begin this business through sheer will and assurance. Her business is currently very effective with the store’s official    Instagram account having practically 38k supporters from all around the world. This just demonstrates how effective Youmna has been with her business tries in quite a short measure of time. Youmna states that she is additionally extremely thankful to God and to every one of her loved ones who encouraged her and upheld her in accomplishing her goals and rising to success. 

As indicated by Youmna, her ascent to progress unquestionably consisted of difficult work, responsibility and tirelessness. She says that it was these three credits that have significantly caused her to get the success that she has today. Youmna further expresses that you need to continually have confidence in yourself to be fruitful. There will be a huge number of times where you are confronted with massive difficulties, yet the key is to consistently trust in yourself and accept that you can do it. On the off chance that you have quite an inspirational viewpoint towards the things that are occurring around you, at that point you are definitely in for progress.    

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