Charlotte, N.C artist Milan Hightower continues to hit pages with dope hits, despite the challenges of the pandemic. His 2020 new releases are an indicator that the vibrant and confident rapper is focused on his projects.

Milan has a huge personality and never shies away from talking his mind. If you’ve checked out his previous hits like No More and Power of the G, then you understand why he’s always in the buzz. Milan goes all out in his visuals and is daring in his style, not forgetting how deeply embedded he is in fashion and being unique. That’s why he never minds rocking his hair in different colors.

However, the rapper says he’s learned a lot over the last few years, prompting him to be more humble. To live in the present and enjoy the moment. He’s also changed how he approaches his music and is more interested in providing lyrics that relate to the fans.

“Honestly, I used to go to the studio, thinking I just need to make a hit. That was my motto. I got to the mode where it was less about rapping about what I felt, and more so, this gonna sound good on the radio, or this gonna be a good spin and stuff like that. And when I started doing that, that’s when the records started sounding not popish, but more in that line. I used to think that I would have to make a radio record to make good music.”

He says the main reason he changed his style of music was that people don’t really know much about him. They only know Milan Hightower, the artist. He also noted the music industry had changed so much in the past few years, and he had to adapt.

“The way the game is now, no one really cares about radio. It’s about what’s real to the people. Can people connect with it? I think I’m in a better position now than I’ve ever been in because now I’m touching base more with what I do. I want to put out. What do I want the people to know about me?”

It’s been a great process for the rapper, coming from the start when he was just a kid, to proving himself, to being established, to going for the hits, to gently back to what he’s feeling. “Artists should know that they don’t have to be bound by anything.”

His advice to other artists, “Keep pushing, believe in yourself, don’t let anybody tell you aren’t a star. Don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t gonna make it. At the end of the day, it’s about what you want for your life.”

Watch Milan Hightower’s full interview here.

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