Today we are seeing more and more young thriving talents are turning to entrepreneurship as their career, they start their career in school or College. Although often respected by peers, these young entrepreneurs are examined by investors and even clients who are nervous about giving their money to a 25-year-old with limited knowledge.

We came across one bright talent from America named Todd Stephenson who is already a PRO Entrepreneur with his experience, Passion and Hard Work. He is originally from Naples, FL; Todd did studies from the University of Central Florida. Completed UG in Marketing 2016.

Todd was always interested in business, so he started hustling from a young age. He began with a mobile computer repair business when he was on 16. After a year, he began to invest his time and money in a backpack company called KIDDS, which donated its proceeds to kids who are in need.

You will be surprised to know that in his first holiday season KIDDS was able to Purchase $20,000 of gifts for underprivileged kids in the south of Chicago.

When Todd was in College, he started a chain of bakeries around various college campuses, drawing in broke college students with extended hours until 3 AM and free delivery.

After some time he finally came up with an excellent new concept which is Pupsocks. Yes, Todd’s PupSocks provide custom-printed socks. Customers can upload a photo of their friend, pup, family members. Todd and team then came up with a beautiful pair of socks with pictures on them.

Todd and his team are now providing Socks, Blankets and ties in PupSocks. Todd’s PupSocks was also featured on Good Morning America and the Today show in addition to being the subject of a case study by Facebook.

Todd Stephenson’s company PupSocks is the largest sock company in the world which provides custom socks, and they are expanding their products from on to many.

When you see entrepreneurs like Todd, it’s clear that you can run a successful business, if you have innovative ideas, and have the guts to experiment new things in the market and take calculative risk time to time to expand business worldwide.

Todd’s short journey showed us that if you have the guts, and never give up attitude, then no one can stop you from becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Follow Todd Stephenson on Instagram @Sockpapi

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