Electric two-wheeler start-up in India The nation’s first low-speed electric scooter line, the X Men, has been introduced by Zelio Ebikes. With prices starting at 64,543 and going up to 87,573 (ex-showroom), the new Zelio X Men e-scooters are not related to the well-known comic book franchise. Due to their low speed, owners of e-scooters can ride them on public roads without a driver’s license.

The 60V/32AH lead-acid battery, which powers the entry-level X Men electric scooter, costs 64,543 and requires 7-8 hours to fully charge. The battery has a range of 55-60 km. With a 72V/32AH lead- acid battery and a 70 km range, the mid variant costs 67,073 and takes 7-9 hours to charge. The most expensive model, which costs 87,673, has a 60V/32AH lithium-ion battery that can charge in just four hours and has an 80 mile range.

The robust 60/72V BLDC motor in e-scooters uses roughly 1.5 units of electricity per charge to operate efficiently. The maximum speed of this slow-moving e-scooter is limited to 25 kmph. The versions are relatively light for use, with a gross weight of only 80 kg and a payload capacity of 180 kg. There are five variations available from the company, each with a different battery arrangement and set of performance specifications.

The Zelio X Men electric scooters come equipped with alloy wheels up front, front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, and an anti-theft alarm. In addition, the models include USB charging, a parking switch, an auto repair switch, a reverse gear, and hydraulic shock absorbers on both ends. The scooters also have central locking and a computerized instrument console. Sea Green, Red, White, and Black are the four color options available for the models.

The company’s Gracy series, which includes the Gracyi, Gracy Pro, and Gracy+ models, is expanded with the addition of the new X Men line of electric scooters. The Gracy line has prices ranging from ₹59,273 to 83,073 (ex-showroom). The company’s Hisar, Haryana factory is capable of producing 1.5 lakh electric scooters in a single shift.

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