Today’s Google Doodle recognizes January 26

The present Doodle recognizes January 26 with a portrayal of the Eastern Spinebill, a types of honeyeater conspicuous by its long, down-curved bill and enthusiastic flight designs.

From Cooktown in northern Queensland to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, the Eastern Spinebill can be found quickly gathering nectar from blooming trees across forested regions and suburban gardens.

Australia is home to one of the most different assortments of avian life in the world. Songbirds, pigeons, and parrots generally advanced in the country’s rich environment.

Today, there are more than 830 local types of birds possessing the island landmass. From the famous emu to the tricky night parrot-and obviously, the small Eastern Spinebill-Australia’s extraordinary avian populace makes it a heaven for bird lovers.

So in the event that you spot an Eastern Spinebill shooting between trees or hear its unique piping whistle, take a moment and appreciate the bird tune!


ABTACH LTD – A Full Fledge IT Company With Ultimate IT Solutions

We are a growing IT company that works for interest to serve in the IT world. We set the roots of our firm in the year 2015. Since then, we have dedicated our services to serving in the IT sector. We established this firm to provide services to businesses and give them the ultimate IT solutions. When we first started, we were a group of people but now we are a mighty team 1o. We have thousands of experts who work with us.

Our hard work and dedication have made us one of the recognized It companies in the world. We gave all of our time and passion to build ABTACH LTD and today we successfully opened our offices in the UK, USA, China, Turkey, and South Korea. At our early steps, we faced some critique but with dedication, we overcame the hurdles and made it to the top. We have created a positive and remarkable image in the industry.

To avail state-of-the-art digital marketing facilities, ABTACH LTD is the place where it all takes place. We ace in all, there is not a single digital marketing service we don’t cater to. We have been maintaining our name for a long time now and we are flourishing day by day.

The Basic Motive Of ABTACH

Our motive is straight, we are an IT company and we are looking to work within the field and make impeccable progress. We face challenges and counter them like professionals. We are here to serve businesses and bring them the best digital solutions and work for the betterment and progression of IT.

Our rules are firm, we believe in hard work and honesty. The leaders of ABTACH LTD always schools to put the client on priority and make them happy and content. We achieve our goals the day our clients delight us with positive reviews.


The Unbeatable Services Of ABTACH

We are here to give and cater to the services one could imagine. We are capable of providing modern and advanced digital marketing and IT services. Some of our services are;

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. App Development
  3. Web Development and Design
  4. Content Creation
  5. Graphic Designing
  6. Video Animation

The SEO experts are the best in their job. They are qualified engineers that are certified By Google. Our designers illustrate art like a vision and make a perfectly enhanced brand logo. The web developers are a team of seasoned individuals who work on each detail to craft a flawless website.

Our team of experts is the reason we have made it here. They have devoted themselves to work for ABTACH LTD, they are improving themselves over time and keeping up with the latest trends of technology.

We are looking to bag more clients who are looking for the best solution for their business. We have set many examples of perfection. Thus, we are waiting to make it to the top of the IT industry.

Internet Markets

The Hubble telescope recently observed black holes giving birth to new stars

Astronomers have recently caught a gander at a black hole birthing new stars in the Henize 2-10 world. The supermassive black hole being referred to is found approximately 34 million light-years away.

Astronomers had the option to observe the black hole because of the Hubble telescope. The astronomers conducted a study based of their perceptions.

Many individuals consider black holes to be a damaging force. While this has frequently been the situation previously, new proof recommends black holes likewise assume a part in the advancement of new stars. Truth be told, the black holes at the focal point of the Henize 2-10 system is birthing new stars as opposed to eating them.

“Ten years ago, as a graduate student thinking I would spend my career on star formation, I looked at the data from Henize 2-10 and everything changed,” Amy Reines, the primary specialist on the new review wrote in an assertion. “From the beginning I knew something unusual and special was happening in Henize 2-10.”

As per Reines, the newest capture of the galaxy given by the Hubble telescope shows that the black hole birthing new stars is presently spewing out gas moving at around 1 million miles each hour.

Since the black hole here is more modest, the outpouring is moving more slow than those found in bigger universes. This, Reines and others say, prompted the development of new stars.

How this means for astronomers

One explanation this study is significant is on the grounds that it will place more consideration on more modest black holes. While not quite so enormous as a portion of their partners, these more modest supermassive black holes0 actually have an extremely clear part to play. Reines says that black holes like the one in Henize 2-10 offer a few promising potential hints. Bantam system black holes could give us a simple glance at the manner in which these space substances really structure.

Obviously, there’s still a ton to separate and dig into with regards to black holes. Seeing a black holes birthing new stars is both intriguing and inspiring.

“The era of the first black holes is not something that we have been able to see,” Reines said. “So, it really has become the big question: where did they come from? Dwarf galaxies may retain some memory of the black hole seeding scenario that has otherwise been lost to time and space.”


Betty White’s assistant shared a final photo of her

Betty White would have celebrated her 100th birthday celebration on Monday and her assistant honored the day by sharing one of the last photographs taken of the beloved late entertainer.

“On this special day, I wanted to share this photo of Betty. It was taken on 12/20/21. I believe it’s one of the last photos of her,” Kiersten Mikelas, White’s assistant, shared on her authority Facebook page.

White, who died on December 31 at 99 years old, is seen seated in the photograph looking energetic and well.

“She was radiant and beautiful and as happy as ever,” Mikelas wrote. “Thanks to all of you who are doing kind things today and every day to make the world a better place.”

There have been various TV and occasion tributes for White since her death, alongside the #BettyWhiteChallenge, which urged her fans to give $5 to animal shelters or animal welfare organizations in her honor.

Entertainer Jennifer Garner recollected White in an Instagram post on Monday, expressing “Happy 100, Betty, thank you for reminding us to look for the good and to find the kind.”


WhatsApp- is working on new drawing tools for pictures and videos

WhatsApp has been consistently adding new elements to its application to offer a safer and more extravagant informing experience. It likewise has a few upcoming highlights still a work in progress, including a refined voice call interface, payments with Novi integration in the US, and multi-gadget support. Presently, the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android focuses to the assistance dealing with another new component, yet a minor one: extra drawing devices for pictures and videos.

WABetaInfo found two new drawing pencils – for a sum of three – in WhatsApp’s built-in image editor in the most recent Android beta. The symbols demonstrate that the new pencils could offer more extensive tips, permitting you to draw or scribble thicker lines on pictures or recordings. WhatsApp presently permits clients to change the pencil tone however there’s no choice to expand/decline its thickness.

The report further adds that WhatsApp has begun chipping away at an instrument for its Android application to obscure pictures. This should make sharing screen captures and photographs more straightforward, as you can obscure out the delicate parts prior to sending them.

There are some extra attracting apparatuses advancement, yet there’s no data about them yet. There’s additionally no clarity on when these new tools will be free to the general population. Regardless, they should initially advance toward the beta channel prior to being carried out to WhatsApp’s massive userbase.

In spite of the heap of enhancements being effectively evolved by WhatsApp, Telegram offers a more element rich involvement in choices like spoiler styling, emoji responses, per-visit subjects, screen sharing, and animated backgrounds. Regardless, the Meta-possessed informing administration has approximately two billion dynamic clients worldwide and north of five billion downloads on the Play Store alone. In examination, Telegram’s Android application crossed the 1 billion Play Store introduces mark in October 2021, powered by a multi-hour WhatsApp and Facebook blackout and presumably helped by Meta’s questionable data privacy policies.


Samsung reports first smartphone chip with AMD ray tracing GPU

Samsung has reported the Exynos 2200, its new in-house mobile processor for smartphones. It’s the main mobile system-on-a-chip to incorporate a GPU with AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics engineering, empowering highlights like hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

The coordinated effort with AMD has been long really taking shape. The two companies initially declared a permitting bargain in 2019, then, at that point, AMD affirmed last year that Samsung’s “next flagship mobile SoC” would utilize RDNA 2.

Samsung as of late prodded a declaration occasion for the Exynos 2200 that should happen on January eleventh, yet it was bafflingly deferred.

The Exynos 2200 is produced on Samsung’s 4nm EUV process. Samsung is marking this GPU as “Xclipse,” and AMD’s SVP of Radeon GPU tech David Wang says in an explanation that it’s “the first result of multiple planned generations of AMD RDNA graphics in Exynos SoCs.”

On the CPU side, the Exynoss 2200 utilizations Armv9 centers: one powerful Cortex-X2 “flagship core,” three Cortex-A710 centers for adjusted execution, and four additional proficient Cortex-A510 centers.

There’s likewise a redesigned NPU that Samsung says offers double the presentation of its ancestor, and the ISP engineering is intended to help camera sensors of up to 200 megapixels, one of which Samsung reported a year ago.

Samsung’s best quality Exynos chips normally advance into the company’s flagship Galaxy S phone series, despite the fact that models sold in the US and certain different business sectors use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs. Other telephone creators like Vivo periodically use Exynos contributes their own gadgets, however we’ll probably need to delay until the possible Galaxy S22 is in our grasp to see whether AMD’s innovation converts into a significant jump forward in portable GPU execution.


Glashrs _ new hit track “Falling” is catching audience attention!

The song is a combination of superb different voices from Glashrs and his twin sister Cory De Mario, which their fans have come to expect of them. Glashrs possesses exceptional skill and has extensive experience in a wide range of musical genres, including hip-hop and R&B. Electronic Dance Music (E.D.M.) is a type of dance music produced electronically. One of his most notable works to date is “Falling,” He cooperated with an artist.When it comes to his work, Glashrs has no intention of giving up until he achieves his goals. He just dropped a new song called “Falling,” and it’s full of promise for the future.

Glashrs’ other singles

Glashrs’ other singles, “Crazy” and “Lightning,” are his best-selling albums. The future looks bright for him, and he is prepared to take on the music industry and show the world what he is capable of. He offered good music to his fans all across the world is immeasurable. Glashrs is currently working on a new tune, released soon. Cory DeMario, his twin sister, is also featured in the film. To discover more about Glashrs. 

Glashrs with GoodDay

GoodDay is a rising Producer/D.J. pair from Orlando, Florida, with many potentials. Good Day was recently made available. “HappySad” is the title of their debut E.P., which has five songs that range from joyous to melancholy in tone.

During the chilly December nights, he came up with the idea for this project. In the year 2020, the month of February. With a plethora of recollections.

Music enthusiasts worldwide will undoubtedly experience GoodDay sentiments and hard work emotions when listening to the album. They have invested in this project. 

A memorable track “Falling”

After only one hearing, “Falling” will become a memorable track that will keep listeners coming back for more. Nothing can stop Glashrs from taking this thing to the next level, and with the momentum he now has building, it is just a matter of time before something significant happens to him. It is essential to watch this promising young musician, as he has a bright future ahead of him.

Glashrs claimed that he is prepared to put in the effort necessary to achieve his objective of winning a Grammy Award or being nominated for a nomination for a top 100 Billboard song of the year. A new song named “Falling” is being developed by his twin sister, who are both in their twenties. He wrote this song on his own and claimed that it is one of his and his sister’s favourite songs to listen to.

In Glashrs’ words, “there was something about the content of the songs and the catchiness of Falling that made it feel so true to us.” His friends Chase & Liam from GoodDay Tunes, a well-known duo from Orlando, Florida, will be written by his friends. Despite their inexperience, these men are successful in pop, house, and E.D.M. genres.Check out their new track music on youtube. You may listen to him on Spotify.

Follow Glashrs on Instagram 


Fashion Nova in 2022: What to Expect from the Style Juggernaut

Last year, Fashion Nova set records for audience engagement, logging 20 million+ Instagram followers from all over the world. For the brand, it was one way to illustrate just how popular the body positive, shape-hugging clothing is with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, other A-list entertainers, as well as millions of loyal fans. 

But despite how many customers enjoy the curvaceous fashion that ranges from lingerie to jeans, many still don’t know what the brand is going to deliver next. Need a preview? Here’s what to expect from Fashion Nova in 2022:

Lingerie that combines old school glamor and sexy silhouettes

Few types of Fashion Nova pieces match the attention the brand gets from sensual lingerie. It is the company’s calling card. From thigh-hugging bottoms to flattering, low-cut, lacy bustiers and bras, the clothing under the clothing gets top marks from customers.

One of last year’s show-stopping pieces was a barely-there top and bottom set with black ties around the waist, and a shape-hugging bra with the same strappy details. When customers lost their minds over this flattering ensemble, the company doubled-down, introducing a number of styles for the curvy girl in most of us.

Sleek, cat-like bodysuits

It takes a fierce, confident woman to rock a skin-tight bodysuit, and Fashion Nova fans are more than happy to take on this challenge. From soft-looking one-pieces in gray, jersey-like fabric, to a chocolate-colored velvet version with a zipper that runs all the way down the bodice, Fashion Nova’s designs – and their most ardent fans – are about taking risks.

One extremely popular piece in 2021 used mesh lace to hug the body. Judging from the fire emojis and 84,000+ Instagram likes, Fashion Nova fans appreciate beautiful, shapely lingerie, and they’ll wear it with pride because it’s both chic and comfortable. Expect more of the same in 2022.

Bright, skin-tight mini dresses

Fashion Nova dresses are some of the brand’s most popular items, and few draw attention like these shapely pieces – both short and long. But in 2021, the brand truly hit its stride with short cocktail dresses, offering a number of styles, a broad slate of fabrics, and eye-catching colors like lime green, pink, and bright blue.  

From shiny numbers with high thigh slits and plunging necklines to sparkly, off-the-shoulder, dreamy frocks, the Fashion Nova collection has the little black (or green, or yellow, or red) dresses for every occasion. Inspired by some of the most popular designs across the world – and the red hot hip hop industry — Fashion Nova will continue cornering this market in 2022

Long, shiny, sparkly gowns 

Make no mistake, the gown has changed. It’s no longer the frilly frock of yesteryear, fodder for funny roundups of worst dressed offenders. It’s sleek. It’s seductive. It honors the female body. One big hit in 2021 was Fashion Nova’s revolutionary set of long, black dresses. While one showed off a plunging bodice, another featured an elegant, off-the-shoulder look.

In 2022, expect the brand to broaden its reach with even more dresses that straddle sexy and sophistication. 

Interesting, unexpected fabrics

When many people think of Fashion Nova, they tend to imagine the most sensual outfits. What don’t they always remember? Distinctive fabrics and textures.

All last year, Fashion Nova delivered the unexpected by way of fabrics. From cobby denim to fake fur accents on style-leading tops, the brand’s team searches high and low for inspirational textures that please the company’s most loyal customers. From mosaic-like fabric for gowns, to tulle dresses with lots of layers, Fashion Nova’s eye for the unusual is stunning – and groundbreaking. 

Warm, cozy, short sweater dresses

Sweater dresses deliver the best of multiple worlds. Warmth. Comfort. A texture that feels fabulous against the skin. But Fashion Nova has made sweater dresses even more appealing, by making them shorter and sexier. From creamy oatmeal to warm orange as colors, these short sweater dresses were in high demand in 2021.

Another twist on the sweater dress was a knit, multi-color version, fusing warm pumpkin tones with off-white. This color-block style, which is making a resurgence after its wild popularity during the 70s, is now one of Fashion Nova’s signature looks. You’ll see more of this in 2022.

While no one can predict what an iconic fashion house is planning for the next year, let alone next season, Fashion Nova has consistently delivered styles that are both fascinating and comfortable. In 2022, look for refreshing twists on some of the biggest fashion hits of last year, as well as futuristic pieces. 

After all, the world has spoken— and they love them. 


CEO of AppHarvest APPH Wants Us to Eat More Local

AppHarvest Founder and CEO Jonathan Webb on the environmental benefits of consuming locally grown food.

Are we on the verge of a worldwide food crisis? By 2050, the global population is projected to reach 10 billion. The United Nations estimates that it will take 70% more food to feed the Earth’s inhabitants. Jonathan Webb is confident that AppHarvest is the solution. “Technology is how we can grow a lot more food with a lot fewer resources while in the middle of a climate disruption,” says Webb, AppHarvest’s founder and CEO.

Purchasing food grown closer to home offers multiple health benefits. Fresh food tastes better and is more nutritious. Fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutrients within 24 hours of being picked. Plus, consumers have a better chance of knowing exactly how the produce was grown. And it puts more money back into the community, which helps stimulate the local economy. Eating locally can also help the environment in multiple ways.

In October 2020, the AppHarvest facility opened in Morehead, Kentucky, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. It cost around $150 million to construct the 60-acre indoor farm in the heart of the Appalachian region. Webb, a graduate of the University of Kentucky’s business school, is hopeful that AppHarvest can help save the environment by allowing people to have more access to fresh produce. The idea is that by eating locally, the population can reduce its carbon footprint because AppHarvest is building a domestic food supply while increasing investment in Appalachia. It doesn’t hurt that sustainable farming practices typically result in better tasting, more nutritious produce.

According to a report from the World Wildlife Fund, global food production accounts for 70% of all fresh water use, 80% of deforestation, 70% of terrestrial biodiversity loss, and a third of greenhouse gases. Webb is banking on AppHarvest being a solution to the environmental crisis. 

Why Kentucky Is the Ideal Place to Grow AppHarvest

The high-tech indoor farm combines a blend of conventional agricultural techniques with cutting-edge technology like robotics and artificial intelligence to grow a robust crop of tomatoes. Webb admits that water and sunlight are the two most essential elements of the process. Amazingly, one 60-acre AppHarvest indoor farm can produce 40 million pounds of tomatoes from approximately 720,000 plants using 100% rainwater.

Webb feels strongly that the Bluegrass State is a perfect place to establish AppHarvest since Kentucky is located within a day’s drive of 70% of the United States. That reduces transportation emissions by up to 80%, which would significantly cut down on fossil fuel consumption.

Every Day Is Earth Day at AppHarvest (APPH)

Webb says that at AppHarvest, “We believe that planet Earth is the hidden gem of the known universe,” which is why the company is committed to running an environmentally friendly operation from seed to sale. “I’m a huge believer that nature is the most technologically advanced thing we have on planet Earth, and we need to harness it,” Webb says. 

AppHarvest tomatoes are available across Kentucky in supermarkets like Kroger, Meijer, and Walmart. “Our beefsteak tomatoes and tomatoes on the vine have been a hit with customers since launching in grocery stores this past season, and now we have our own line of salsa made with our tomatoes available for order online that we expect to be in demand as well,” says Webb. “We’re making good on our mission to build a resilient domestic supply of delicious, nutritious, and affordable tomatoes grown sustainably while creating good jobs in an area that needs them.”

AppHarvest Supports American Farmers

Critics have accused AppHarvest of threatening the future of traditional farmers, to which Webb responds, “We want to make it clear our competition is not the American farmer.” He insists that AppHarvest began with tomatoes to compete with Mexico. The seedy red fruit is Mexico’s No. 1 import, which unfortunately often relies on harsh chemical pesticides to grow. AppHarvest is designed to avoid pesticides with a focus on “integrated pest management,” which uses good bugs to control bad ones. “The dirty stuff, that’s our competition,,” says Webb. 

According to Webb, AppHarvest is committed to increasing its use of renewable energy. The company is working with sustainable energy specialist Schneider Electric to work renewables into the grid. While the ultimate goal is minimal carbon emissions, Jackie Roberts, the AppHarvest chief sustainability officer, says, “The benefits of AppHarvest’s net ecological footprint outweigh any adverse effects of its energy consumption, including its ability compared to traditional open-field agriculture to conserve water and avoid agricultural runoff from fertilizers and pesticides.”

AppHarvest Is Focused on the Future

Webb is hopeful that all of this will lead to a more sustainable system that will act as a model for other high-tech farms worldwide. We need to protect half of the world’s land and water in order to save 80% of the biodiversity on the planet, conservation biologists have warned. And Webb is heeding their warning. “So, how do we free up land and water?” he asks. “Our indoor farms are the answer.”

It seems natural to Webb, who first began making plans for the technologically advanced indoor farm concept in 2017. After AppHarvest (Nasdaq: APPH) went public on Feb. 1, 2021, the Kentucky-born CEO says he received calls from dignitaries as far away as Southeast Asia and the Middle East. “Now, the brightest people in the world want to be a part of the global food-security conversation that is happening on a farm in Morehead, Kentucky,” he enthuses. “We remain on track with our plan to offer new crop types in addition to tomatoes by the end of next year, and I’m pleased with the progress across our company as we continue to focus on delivering a sustainable and climate-resilient food system that can provide fresh produce at scale from right here in Appalachia.”


How AppHarvest (APPH) Is Investing in the Future of Farming in America

AppHarvest (Nasdaq: APPH) works with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization, as part of their educational outreach program, to build container farms and raise awareness of agricultural technology at high schools throughout Appalachia. 

When talking with Jonathan Webb, the founder and CEO of AppHarvest, about the future of farming in America, his passion and enthusiasm are immediately apparent. AppHarvest is the world’s largest indoor farming facility, utilizing robotic technology and crop-care specialists, in Morehead, Kentucky. Having grown up in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, establishing a healthy future for the region and its residents is a cause near and dear to Webb’s heart. 

AppHarvest’s mission to feed America healthy foods grown in a safer, more environmentally friendly manner has attracted elite investors, including businesswoman and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. “We’ve learned a lot from Martha and are fortunate to have her,” enthuses Webb. While it is lovely to have the support of celebrities, Webb and the entire AppHarvest team know that America’s hardworking farmers are the true stars of the agricultural industry. 

He is hopeful that AppHarvest’s indoor farming facilities will catch the attention of the young kids that may not have any interest in traditional farming. “The average age of the American farmer is in the mid-60s, and the next generation is not particularly inspired to sign up to find a career in agriculture or farming,” says Webb. “And I think we as a country have to figure out what we’re going to do to inspire the next generation to want to pursue a career in farming to produce healthy foods. So we’ve been very fortunate that we’ve had great conversations on the left and right, and we try to work with all elected officials to see how we can be helpful in the overall landscape.”

AppHarvest establishes an educational outreach program in Appalachia 

AppHarvest believes in investing in the future of farming in America, which is why it has created the agtech educational outreach program. How does that work? “We’re putting these container farms, which are retrofitted shipping containers with the latest hydroponic farming technology in them, in central Appalachian high schools,” explains Travis Parman, the chief communications officer at AppHarvest. “So we focus first on high schools that have an agriculture professor and that have a Future Farmers of America (FFA) program. We’ve got a close partnership with FFA to help deploy those and manage those. We already have had FFA students graduate from the high school program and join us for college internships too.”

The Floyd County School of Innovation, in the eastern Kentucky town of Martin, is the seventh such container farm to launch since AppHarvest started its educational outreach program. “My goal is to get to at least 20 container farms,” says Webb. “We want to create an agtech ecosystem. That is one where we have good research going on, where we have great suppliers that are located in the area. And so that we have good education at all levels — the high school level, the community college level, the university level — to be able to support the continued growth of the agtech ecosystem,” adds Parman.

Container farms create an excellent environment for learning.

“What surprised me is that those container farms can replicate the production of anywhere from 3 to 5 open-field agriculture acres,” says Parman. He explains that the program is multifaceted to appeal to students’ different interests. “And so depending on what students are interested in, they learn how to grow. Also, some people may be more interested in the technology behind it, so that they can learn the technology,” he says.

All of these educational container farms are networked. “You can go into any one of them and see the dashboard of the others, to see how the others are performing. So the next step in this will be working with the network so that the student farmers are collaborating more and learning from one another,” notes Parman. That kind of technological aspect appeals to the younger generation. 

Technology is attracting more young people to farming careers

“A good number of these students are in rural areas. If they come from farming backgrounds, it’s generally more traditional farming,” says Parman. “They may have anywhere from 10 to 50 acres of land, which can be difficult to make profitable at that scale. So many don’t think they would ever want to do farming long-term. They have seen how challenging farming is as a career.”

AppHarvest’s container farm programs are opening students’ eyes to the future of agtech farming. “Suddenly, they see that there is another type of agriculture. And it really can be the future where they are operating these farms with their iPad or iPhone,” says Parman, adding that students have said, “This is actually interesting to me. I could pursue something like this and make a living without having to leave my community.”

“At this point, Kentucky has seven high schools operating container farms. We keep talking about how AppHarvest could help Kentucky become an agtech capital of America,” says Webb. He wants AppHarvest’s mission to catch on across the country. “We hope that other states copy what we’re doing here,” he says. 

Webb wonders why every high school in the country does not have the technology for young kids to grow fruits and vegetables. “The kids learn a skill and then get to take these fruits and vegetables home. In some cases, these are kids who are in underserved communities, and they don’t have healthy food options at home,” he says. “With these programs, they can take the fresh produce into the lunchroom. So it’s a win, win, win, where young people are learning skills, including how to operate software and sensors, and also grow fruits and vegetables for the nourishment of their own families and communities.”

Thanks to Webb, the future looks bright for Kentucky’s future. “Real food doesn’t come in a box or some high-fructose corn syrup jar. Real food grows, and you can pick real food and eat it,” he says. “I have realized by being at some of these schools that our outreach program could be the first time people have ever taken something directly off a plant and put it on a plate and eaten it. And so, we are hopeful that we’ll be at 20 high schools pretty quickly here in Kentucky. And we hope more people will wake up and start to see the model replicated in other states.”