Jennifer Lopez- Looked so glamorous at her Christmas Eve Dinner

Jennifer Lopez got looking sharp for Christmas Eve and there are some incredible photographs from her evening party.

The 52-year-old entertainer appears to have facilitated an occasion dinner at her home and her long-lasting beautician Chris Appleton was in participation.

Chris shared some photographs with Jennifer and he likewise showed fans a photograph of the great turkey at the supper.

“Happy Christmas Eve Jlo that turkey was impressive,” Chris inscribed on his Instagram page.

It’s not yet clear assuming Jennifer enjoyed the occasion with her on-again boyfriend Ben Affleck. Ideally she’ll share some photographs too and perhaps he’ll be in them!


2022 will begin with a bus-sized asteroid approaching Earth

As indicated by the US space office, Asteroid 2014 YE15, first found in 2014, will move toward Earth a good ways off of around 7,400,000km on January 6.

As NASA considers objects bigger than 150 meters and which approach Earth inside a distance of 7.5 million kilometers to be ‘potentially hazardous’, the seven-meter-wide – or ‘bus-size’, as the agency puts it – Asteroid 2014 YE15 isn’t viewed as a significant threat.

The year’s end will likewise be set apart by an apparently more serious risk passing by from space – on December 29, a roughly 149-meter-wide space rock will come a lot nearer to Earth, inside 3,540,000km. Space rocks show up in relative vicinity to the planet each two or three days, and NASA screens their development and routinely refreshes a rundown of the following five asteroid approaches.

This, however, doesn’t mean they can be ignored. Indeed, even little ones can create problems. In 2013, a 20-meter-wide space rock detonated over Chelyabinsk, Russia, delivering a similar energy as around 26 to 33 atomic bomb explosions. A few structures were harmed and around 1,500 individuals were treated for wounds brought about by the symptoms of the impact.


Sergey Tokarev answers why Ukraine raised only 1 tech giant in 12 years

The word ‘startup’ was used 45 years ago for the first time in Forbes Magazine. During these 45 years, the startup industry made various millionaires overnight and turned various billionaires into millionaires when they woke up. Sergey Tokarev, an IT investor and the founder of Roosh, a technology company, says that Ukraine came out of challenging times without even noticing them. In the 1990s, no one in Ukraine took startups and technology seriously. As of the early 2000s, the Ukrainian tech market was akin to a desert.

Ukraine started working on IT development in the mid-2000s. The first and foremost IT resource produced by Ukraine was IT specialists. The country started sending these specialists to the world where they got huge recognition and announced their arrival. Sergey Tokarev says about outsourcing IT specialists at the early stages of the IT development, “Then outsourcing companies that developed custom-made products in the United States and Europe began to grow like mushrooms. Ukrainian developers were noticed on the market. We have declared ourselves.”

Ukraine has millions of business-minded people who have revolutionary ideas and skills related to technology. If Ukraine comes out of some important challenges, these revolutionary ideas may easily turn into real-life implications. As of now, Ukraine has only raised one noticeable startup, Grammarly, that grabbed huge attention at the global level in terms of market capitalization. The market cap of Grammarly has surpassed a mammoth $13 billion figure. It is undoubtedly a huge achievement, but the area of concern is that there are no other such achievements between 2009 and 2021. Sergey Tokarev explains why Ukraine did not raise more such startups during these years. The Roosh founder said that Ukraine had only a few investors who were interested in investing in startups and technology. If there are no investors, any promising startup can easily fade away.

The positive aspect of the 12 years of Grammarly project is the change in the mindset of Ukrainian investors related to the investment in startups. Now, they are in search of promising ideas to turn them into reality. The IT investor says, “We have full-fledged venture funds, and investors are in constant search of their unicorns. This motivates creative minds to do what they were created for—generating ideas, products, and technologies. This is very encouraging.”

The major challenge in the way of Ukraine in terms of becoming a technological center is the development of a full-fledged IT ecosystem. Sergey Tokarev gives some important tips in this regard. According to him, the development of the IT ecosystem is dependent on creating a technological culture and providing education and access to modern technology. The Ukrainian investors have started playing their role to create such a culture. The announcement of the Mazepa Awards is a perfect example in this regard. In terms of modern technological education, the country has started producing graduates from the Kyiv School of Economics. In the near future, a new SET University (Science, Entrepreneurship, and Technology) will also play a crucial role in creating extraordinary technological solutions to real-life problems.      


LG made some wild curved OLED ideas for CES 2022

LG Display will feature two adaptable OLED ideas at CES 2022 – accepting the pandemic doesn’t guarantee the yearly career expo as its most recent victim. The first is the “Virtual Ride” fixed bicycle. It highlights three vertical 55-inch OLED shows that structure one nonstop screen in front or more the rider. The highest board has a 500R ebb and flow span. As indicated by LG Display, that is the most outrageous bend among enormous screens to date.

The subsequent idea is the “Media Chair.” It’s a chair with a 55-inch OLED TV appended to it. It includes a 1,500R bend, which LG says is great for a utilization case like this one. It additionally incorporates the company’s Cinematic Sound OLED innovation, permitting the presentation to make sound without outside speakers. In conclusion, the showcase can shift back and forth among picture and scene directions with the bit of a button situated on the armrest of the seat.

Like with most CES ideas, the probability we’ll see LG business either the Virtual Ride or Media Chair is thin. This isn’t to imply that the organization hasn’t offered a portion of its past ideas for sale to the public (the OLED R comes to mind), however it’s smarter to consider these most recent ones to be a grandstand of the amount LG’s presentation technology has progressed lately.

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To brighten up the Christmas Comet sky this holiday

Comet C/2021 A1 or Comet Leonard, likewise being known as the “Christmas Comet,” was distinguished recently and was at its nearest distance from Earth on Dec. 12. The “Christmas Comet” will keep on being noticeable all through the United States through the rest of the year.

Notwithstanding, specialists are empowering individuals to look for it in the night sky soon, as it will keep on becoming dimmer as the finish of December approaches and the comet won’t pass Earth again for an additional 80,000 years.

“This comet should be visible with a backyard telescope or binoculars,” Gordon Johnston, a program executive at NASA Headquarters, told Accuweather, “and may be visible to the naked eye under very clear and dark observing conditions.”


Android 13 can finally bring full support for Bluetooth LE audio

From another Material You plan and a revamped notification shade to further developed availability elements and Privacy Dashboard, Android 12 packs many enormous changes. Other than these marquee features, the most recent form of Android 12 additionally establishes the important framework for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, another norm for low power sound transmission over Bluetooth.

While Android 12 presents the Bluetooth LE Audio API, there’s still work to be done to empower full help for Bluetooth LE Audio. Yet, ongoing submits submitted to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) recommend that full help could at long last be coming in Android 13.

As spotted by Mishaal Rahman, Google has consolidated the submits that add a LC3 codec type (LE Audio) for Bluetooth A2DP inside Developer choices. LC3 (Low Complexity Communications Codec) is another great, low-power sound code in Bluetooth LE Audio that vows to convey top notch sound even at low information rates. As Mishaal noticed, it’s unclear whether these patches are to the point of to enabling fulling support for Bluetooth LE Audio, regardless, we can expect the codec to be prepared for the following significant delivery: Android 13.

First of all, LE Audio is another standard that empowers sound transmission over the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) radio. It was presented by Bluetooth SIG at CES last year as a component of the Bluetooth 5.2 determination. Before rendition 5.2, Bluetooth LE was totally utilized for information move and didn’t permit sound transmission.

Key highlights of LE Audio incorporate lower power utilization, Multi-Stream Audio support for a further developed sound insight on really remote headphones, the capacity to broadcast at least one sound streams to a limitless number of sound sink devices and more.

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In January, OnePlus 10 Pro will be revealed

OnePlus is outfitting to show off its next smartphone, and it appears we will not need to stand by long to get our eyes on it. It will uncover the OnePlus 10 Pro one month from now, as indicated by co-founder and CEO Pete Lau. “OnePlus 10 Pro, see you in January,” Lau composed on Weibo, as spotted by Gizmodo.

Assuming OnePlus uncovers its next phone in January, it will check a change in the brand’s usual timeline. In the course of the most recent couple of years, it has reported its lead handsets in March or April, regularly later Samsung debuts the freshest Galaxy S series telephones.

Rumors suggest OnePlus will just uncover a single phone this time around, rather than the standard methodology of having a base model and a master gadget. Previously, OnePlus has followed up the lead gadgets with a T-series model too, yet it chose not to deliver a 9T this year.

Lau recently said 10-series gadgets will have another Android 13-based operating system that OnePlus is offering to Oppo. The two officially combined for the current year under the responsibility for Electronics, with OnePlus turning into a sub-brand of Oppo.

Leakers have as of now offered a look at the following OnePlus phone through informal renders. It appears OnePlus will again utilize Hasselblad cameras, while the OnePlus 10 Pro screen is scheduled to be a 6.7 inch QHD+ show with a 120 Hz revive rate. Lau affirmed recently that the forthcoming gadget will utilize the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

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Kisan Diwas 2021: Why is “National Farmers Day” celebrated on the birth anniversary of Chaudhary Charan Singh’s?

National Farmers Day 2021: Kisan Diwas or National Farmers Day is seen on December 23 the nation over to praise the farmers as they are the spine of India. The day was picked to honour the birth anniversary of the fifth Prime Minister of India, Choudhary Charan Singh.

He held the post between 1979 and 1980. What’s more, the day is celebrated in honour of appreciation for the commitment of Indian ranchers and to glorify their significance in the country. This year, the day will be celebrated in the background of the three contentious farm laws’ withdrawal.

In 2001, the government of India announced December 23, the day Chaudhary Charan Singh was born, to be celebrated as National Farmers’ Day and for the appropriate reasons.


The choice by the government in 2001 was taken to perceive Chaudhary Charan Singh’s commitment to the upliftment of farmers, and the advancement of the agriculture area. He brought the absolute most remarkable reforms in the agrarian area and is named by numerous historians as the ‘Champion of India’s Peasants.’


Chaudhary Charan Singh was born in 1902 in a working class worker family in Noorpur, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He procured his bachelor’s degree in science in 1923, trailed by his post-graduation in 1925 from Agra University. He was likewise a professional of law and was a active participant in the country’s freedom struggle.

Born in a middle-class family, Chaudhary Charan Singh was profoundly associated with the farmers of the nation and needed to work for country India.

Chaudhary Charan Singh was the minds behind the land changes that changed the substance of agriculture in the greatest agrarian condition of the country, Uttar Pradesh, for great. Among his works for the agricultural areas was the notable Debt Redemption Bill 1939, which carried showers of help to ranchers who were obligated to cash banks. It likewise pondered emphatically the quantity of suicides submitted by farmers.

One more changing bill planned by Charan Singh was the Land Holding Act of 1960, which came into power while he was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The law guaranteed uniformity in the state by covering the landholdings of a person. He likewise worked for the Zamindari Abolition Act of 1950 while he was the Agricultural Minister of the state.

Chaudhary Charan Singh inhaled his last on January 14, 1980. A memorial dedicated to him was built at Raj Ghat and is called “Kisan Ghat.”


Interact with your followers and drive interactions – with Liran Mizrahi

One of the last case-study from Liran Mizrahi, Social Media Manager and Social Consultant for VIP, was about the interactions with the fans of your page.

Liran explained, you can simply post your images, but we’ve observed that success comes when you’re proactive.

Invite your followers to interact with your content.

A good way to drive engagement is by using interactive content. Interactive content engages your audience more, increases click-throughs, and provides more opportunities to educate and delight your network.

  • Create any type of action that stimulates user engagement with your content, so that it triggers the algorithm that will consequently allow your content to reach as many people as possible .

For this purpose, you can use open or closed questions, ask people to respond to a survey or ask yourself one thing about Instagram stories.

  • Envision each of your posts as an opportunity to interact with your followers. Give your fans something to do and watch as interactions increase like wildfire.

Of course, don’t misrepresent this advice – you shouldn’t simply ask for something for your followers to do for every post….

Instead, it becomes crucial to understand that you don’t have to ask them to buy one of your products every time, give out their email or share our account with everyone they know. It’s much more subtle what you’re asking for.

You have to ask your followers for something that makes them fulfilled in doing it or reaffirms their values or goals.

You can get up to 300% more interaction with this method than just posting.

Every post is an opportunity to create interactions, increase conversions, and engage with your community.

  • Publishing your content must compel users to do more than simply “digest” a photo.
  • For explosive growth, users must push themselves to share your content.
  • Every element of your post on Instagram should offer the ability to drive interactions and build your network.
  • Interactive content helps you increase engagement rates

According to Forrester, Instagram engagement as measured by likes, shares and consumer comments is 10 times higher than facebook, 54 times higher than pinterest and 84 times higher than twitter.

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Barllina, the revolutionary brand in the e-commerce

From Saudi Arabia, Barllina established its clothing and dresses brand for women that is recognized to innovate in the industry of e-commerce, attracting customers with the latest fashion products.

Social media, where Barllina promotes all its products and interacts with its clients, plays a key role in this business. The publication of many customers’ experiences and the adaptability to recent trends and hashtags that are related to their merchandise led the company to achieve more than 300K followers on Instagram, more than 90k followers on TikTok, and more than 5K followers on Snapchat.

“We promote our products through our social media platforms to increase the outreach of our market, through posting photos and videos of the dresses and using the right hashtag for every product”, explained Barllina.

Also, the customer service makes Barllina a unique brand in the clothing industry, providing a platform to reply to the customers around the clock and fast dispatching and delivery of its products with different partners all over the world. This has resulted in the company receiving orders from other regions of the world, such as Europe, where customers like the entrepreneur Lili Mitrovic have had the opportunity to wear their dresses.

Another particularity of Barllina is that every consumer can log in to their website ( and choose from a variety of elegant and simple garments that are suitable for every occasion, making the woman look impressive at her workplace, parties, day-outs, and even day-ins, and allowing their consumers to feel and look like princesses

The website is the only shop for the Barllina clients, who can pay online for any number of orders and different categories of dresses, such as a dress with embroidered lobes in black jazzer fabric, a distinctive design dress in a victorian tree, a long dress with distinctive victorian design and material, and a soft cotton dress, embroidered from the chest and shoulder.

The principal characteristics of Barllina products are that they are weaved out of the best quality fabrics, with an experience of decades in designing and producing women’s dresses, setting prices that are budget-friendly and suitable for everyone.

For Barllina the identification with their products is fundamental, and that is why the dresses are inspired by all types of customers around the world and fit all the cultures from east to west, generating a diversity of products and traditions. Some of them are designed as per the Saudi tradition and heritage, like the embroidered traditional jalabiya, and the dress with a loose-fitting lace, lined with a belt, with a traditional design.

The company that is based in Jeddah, the center of commerce in Saudi Arabia, plans to expand the digital business capacity to reach all the world’s clothes and dresses markets, providing trending designs, western designs, and Arabic designs.

Additionally, the firm wants to be a leading clothing company that is capable of producing and creating more variations of women’s clothing and diversifying the brand for men’s clothing as well.