The project manager of construction companies has plenty of responsibilities to ensure that the project is smooth sailing. One of the major tasks is to take care of construction document management. However, it turned out to be one of the most gruelling and tedious assignments in the construction process. Without efficient and effective document control, it would be not easy to come up with an estimated budget and finish the entire construction process on time. 

Fortunately, more construction companies are starting to embrace digital documentation to make their lives simpler. The project manager can use several tools and construction document management systems to assist them in this task. If you are more knowledgeable about paper documentation but planning to move to its digital version, here are several tips that could better take care of your construction documents. 

All About Construction Document Management: What Is it?

Construction document management is the method of taking care of construction documents. It can ensure that the necessary construction documents are properly stored on a network solution or a hard drive. Managing the document includes ensuring that your construction company’s crucial details and documents are easy to obtain when necessary. It usually reduces the time to search for important details. It also simplifies the regular operations and lessens the repetitive tasks. 

How To Develop Better Construction Document Management 

To improve your construction document management practices, you need to follow these tips. 

#1: Create A Centralised Location For Your Documents 

The first thing you need to do for a more efficient construction document management is to make a central data or document location. It will be the main place where all the project files will stay permanently. Having all the essential documents in one place would be easier for you to find them all the time. All the files that you will email to someone else should have a saved copy on the central location to avoid rummaging through your email inbox to find a particular document.  

#2: Use Unique Identifiers Or Codes 

Your construction company must delegate unique codes or identifiers to all the documents you produce, especially if you make several versions. It will not only allow you to avoid using long document file names, but it will also make it easier for you to look for the different versions of a single document. This tip will also allow you to know if something is missing in your documents. 

#3: Make The Files Obtainable Anywhere 

Aside from securing the availability of all pertinent documents in a central location, it is also necessary to ensure that the location is easily accessible wherever you are. It can allow you to look for a file or a document even if you are out visiting the construction site. It would be easier for project managers like you to access all the information from any place you have to be than to have it emailed to you by someone else. You only need your tablet or smartphone to have the necessary documentation on hand. 

Having a compelling construction document management plan can make it easier for you to run a construction company as a project manager. You only need to find the right software or solution to manage the construction document more convenient and less time consuming, so you do not have to undergo plenty of difficulties in your tasks. 

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