WhatsApp is said to be working on improvements to improve security and add new features to its messaging platform in an effort to improve customer privacy. Last November, Meta’s instant messaging platform unveiled a chat lock feature that allowed users to protect private conversations with a secret code. But there was a big fault: this functionality only worked with primary devices, which meant that chats on linked devices were at risk.

WhatsApp is reportedly working on an update that will fix this issue, which will allow conversation locking on all connected devices in addition to the primary one. By guaranteeing that locked chats are protected on all platforms, the update aims to give users more privacy.

The most recent WhatsApp beta version is reportedly testing this new feature, which lets users lock chats on several devices at once, according to claims from WaBetaInfo. Users can use the new privacy settings on their primary device to generate a secret code that they can apply to additional linked devices in order to enable this functionality.

The update is presently being tested in the WhatsApp beta for Android update and is expected to be released in later updates.

Furthermore, it’s rumored that WhatsApp is developing a new status feature that would let users to highlight particular contacts in their updates. This feature would enable users to privately aware specified friends without making the mention public to others, much like the capability seen in Instagram stories.

According to reports from Android Authority, this new status feature appears to be ready for distribution since it has been observed in the iOS WhatsApp Beta. When put into execution, it will provide users with a more customized and interactive experience when they share updates with their connections.

Recall that the messaging app is reportedly planning to include Meta AI straight into its search bar, which will significantly change how users interact with it. This move will eventually remove the requirement for users to go to a separate Meta AI chat and simplify access to AI support within the app.

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