Vicky Jain is thrilled with the support he’s been getting for his appearance on a just finished reality show. “Everyone liked me, Ritesh Deshmukh, my buddy Farah Khan. People used to say to me, “Vicky bhaiya, aapne show ko chalaya,” as I appeared in nearly every segment that aired. Ankita, Lokhande’s wife and fellow contestant, and I used to watch every season that had come before. It feels fantastic,” he remarks.

He is correct when he claims that he appeared in practically every scene of the show, as was the case with his union with Ankita Lokhande. Everything, including their arguments and tension, made headlines when it was broadcast on national television. Rumors concerning their future were also stoked by their turbulent relationship.

But when you question him about it, the businessman says, “Men and women can have equal feelings in our world, but they don’t have to be the same.” They are able to dispute and hold divergent views. How people overlooked this music is beyond me. Giving your thoughts on the program is crucial; otherwise, people may assume you are listening to your spouse and wonder where your decisions are coming from. We haven’t watched videos of our arguments in real life, so we’re unaware of how we appear when we dispute. I can disagree and maintain my opinion, but it won’t change my connection in any way.”

When some media people were brought into the game show to speak with the participants, Jain realized how it was being seen by the general audience. “They commented on how ridiculous it appears. There, your relationship is not your first concern because you are also considering the game. I’m a businessman who took time off just for this program. It seemed like my best opportunity to enjoy. I was thus focusing on the game as well. Yes, I should have been a little more considerate of Ankita’s emotional needs and should have given her a little more time and attention. That was something I didn’t understand there,” he says.

Regarding the pulling together of families, Ankita and Vicky’s moms were also featured on the show, and his mother’s position regarding her daughter-in-law caused a great deal of controversy. She was angry with her treatment of him on the broadcast as well. Jain understands completely why it wasn’t supposed to happen. He goes on, “At a certain age, when we were grown, Ankita and I made the decision to be married. My family doesn’t work in this field, thus they are unaware about it. People meet in a lot more places in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities than in a city like Mumbai. When they saw us on the show, they naturally wanted to know about our relationship and how my family’s relationship with Ankita was going. My family doesn’t live with us, so they are unaware of how we operate. Because Ankita’s mother has, she has witnessed our differences as members of a typical household. I never claim to support what happened; I’m not supporting it. However, a mother’s feelings might surface at any time; sometimes they are rational, and other times they are not.”

However, Jain spoke with them after leaving the show’s residence, and everything is well. “I don’t understand why the positive aspects were overlooked. My bond with Ankita is so deep that we could both allow it to happen. We have a great relationship and are happy. In addition, I appreciated Ankita’s uniqueness, never interfered with her game, and always understood that it’s acceptable to disagree,” he concludes.

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