Thanksgiving is only a few of days away and keeping in mind that you probably can’t go through it with your real life family you can get together with your Animal Crossing: New Horizons family for an extraordinary festival.

Turkey Day has returned in New Horizons and players have a ton to do during this occasion. What’s going on here? How might you get ready? Here’s our Turkey Day manage for Animal Crossing: New Horizons including all recipes and ingredients (particularly the secret ingredients).

When is Turkey Day and How to Prepare

Franklin, the celebrated cook will show up in your town at 6am on Thursday, November 26th and will stay until 10pm. During these hours he’ll request that you discover elements for the entirety of his most celebrated recipes.

The fundamental ingredients are normally pretty simple to discover, yet there is likewise a unique mystery fixing that he won’t outline for you. We show them underneath, anyway a ton of this is theory worked off of past Turkey Day occasions in more established Animal Crossing games. Things could change, so be prepared and return for refreshes on the day on the off chance that anything has changed.

All you require to do to plan however is stock up on what should be the ingredients for his dishes. We show them below, alongside certain tips for how to locate the mystery ingredients if things are not quite the same as our list.

The most effective method to Find Secret Ingredients

When you finish the recipes below you can make a stunningly better form utilizing Franklin’s secret ingredient. He will simply mention to you what the main ingredients are, yet the mystery stays a riddle obviously, with just clues to get you out. We list what should be the mystery ingredient below, however in the event that things are diverse for you for reasons unknown here’s some fast tips for sorting them out all alone.

Talking with Franklin will yield at any rate somewhat of a clue regarding what the mystery ingredient is for the specific recipe he’s tasked you with. Be that as it may, your kindred townspeople have likely as of now helped make this dish previously and you can go to them for help.

Talk with everybody you can, in case you’re battling and they could yield precisely the data you’re looking for. Be that as it may, hoepfully you needn’t bother with this, and can simply utilize our fairly theoretical list below.

Turkey Day Ingredients List and How to Get More

The following is a full list of all the ingredients you are probably going to require for Franklin’s plans during Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Turkey Day occasion. To the extent the number of you’ll require, the more the better obviously.

Most things you’ll just need a couple of for every recipe however to finish the occasion. Manila Clams and all types of pumpkin however you will need additional items of, as should be obvious in the recipe list at the base.

  • Manila Clams
  • Orange, Green, White, and Yellow Pumpkins
  • Mussel
  • Round, flat, skinny mushrooms
  • Shellfish
  • Dungeness Crab
  • Ocean Bass
  • Olive Flounder
  • Dab
  • Red Snapper
  • Barred Knifejaw
  • Squid and ocean urchin if in southern hemisphere

These can be found by checking around your island or fishing/diving. On the off chance that you end up stuck on the day and need a greater amount of these you can talk with your locals who are in their homes and cooking to check whether they will exchange you for any of them. They may require something you as of now have, so check with them first prior to fishing, diving, or giving up.

Turkey Day Recipes with Secret Ingredients

When you have those ingredients it’s an ideal opportunity to converse with Frankline and will take a shot at his recipes. This is what they should be, if the game doesn’t roll out any immense improvements from past Turkey Day occasions.

  • Clam Chowder – 3 Manila Clams (Scallop mystery ingredient)
  • Pumpkin Pie – 1 Orange Pumpkin and random second shading pumpkin (add other two pumpkin tones as mystery ingredients)
  • Seafood Gratin – Mussel and either round, level, or thin mushrooms or a oyster (Dungeness crab mystery ingredient)

Southern hemisphere swaps squid and ocean imp for the mushrooms/oyster

  • Fish Meuniere – Sea bass and either olive flounder, touch, or red snapper (Barred Knifejaw mystery ingredient)

For what reason would you say you are doing the entirety of this work? To get things, obviously.

Turkey Day Items and DIY Recipes

Each time you convey a ingredient or complete a dish you’ll get a thing from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turkey Day furniture set. These may come as a DIY recipe obviously, so we list the required things to make it too.

These may likewise be accessible for buy at Nook’s Cranny the day after the occasion, yet it’s not satisfactory in the event that you need to acquire them during Turkey Day for that to occur, so ensure you get them all as a sanity check. Here’s the full list…

  • Turkey Day Flooring
  • Turkey Day Rug
  • Turkey Day Wall
  • Turkey Day Casserole – 5 iron nuggets, and 1 clay
  • Turkey Day Chair – 5 wood, 2 hardwood, and 2 softwood
  • Turkey Day Decorations – 2 softwood, 5 weeds, and 2 clay
  • Turkey Day Garden Stand – 8 stone and 3 clay
  • Turkey Day Hearth – 1 campfire, 30 stone, and 10 clay
  • Turkey Day Table Setting – 4 clay and 2 iron nuggets
  • Turkey Day Wheat Decor – 10 weeds
  • Cornucopia

So that is it. That is our Turkey Day guide for Animal Crossing: New Horizons including all plans and ingredients with some assistance for the mystery ingredients also.

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