Today marks World Emoji Day, and in celebration of the occasion, Apple has shared a see of forthcoming 2020 emojis that will be added to iPhones, iPads, and Macs with Emojipedia.

Emojis coming in 2020 are a piece of the Emoji 13 update, which incorporates the accompanying emoji choices:

Faces – Smiling Face with Tear, Disguised Face

Individuals Ninja, Person in Tuxedo, Woman in Tuxedo, Person with Veil, Man with Veil, Woman Feeding Baby, Person Feeding Baby, Man Feeding Baby, Mx. Claus, People Hugging

Body Parts – Pinched fingers, Anatomical Heart, Lungs

Creatures – Black Cat, Bison, Mammoth, Beaver, Polar Bear, Dodo, Seal, Beetle, Cockroach, Fly, Worm

Food – Blueberries, Olive, Bell Pepper, Flatbread, Fondue, Bubble Tea

Family – Potted Plant, Teapot, Piñata, Magic Wand, Nesting Dolls, Sewing Needle, Mirror, Window, Plunger, Mouse Trap, Bucket, Toothbrush

Miscellaneous – Feather, Rock, Wood, Hut, Pickup Truck, Roller Skate, Knot, Coin, Boomerang, Screwdriver, Carpentry Saw, Hook, Ladder, Elevator, Headstone, Placard, Transgender Symbol, Transgender Flag

Clothing – Thong Sandal, Military Helmet

Instruments – Accordion, Long Drum

The update likewise includes 55 gender and skin-tone variations, alongside new gender-inclusive emoticons that can be utilized as an option to gendered variants, for example, individual with cover and individual with tuxedo instead of the current lady/man alternatives.

Apple shared structure previews of a few of the new emoji with Emojipedia, which can be found in the picture above and in more detail on the Emojipedia site.

Apple will receive the new Unicode 13 emoji characters sooner or later in 2020, likely in a fall update to iOS 14. Apple a year ago presented Unicode 12 emoji in the iOS 13.2 update that was released in October.

After the Emoji 13 update, there will, lamentably, be a postponement with Emoji 14 that will keep new emoticons from being presented in 2021.

Emoji 14 will be discharged a half year late, which implies it likely won’t have the option to be added to cell phones until 2022.

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