“Music lets you move everything we move very well

everything we leave well”

Such mesmerizing lines are taken from the song Bailando which has 1.1 million views and still counting on Youtube. From lyrics to music, this video has so much vibe, and aesthetic gesture can provide you mesmerizing feeling instantly.

Other than the male artist in the music video, the female artist, none other than Alahna Ly, a 20-year-old girl’s a booming voice and bags of character in her tone, added a remarkable and exclusive impression to the song.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Alahna Ly always had special feelings for music and always showed her great interest in singing from the bottom of her heart. Gradually, she took her interest to the next level and determined to pursue the music career, flourish, and win millions’ hearts with her voice.

At the age of only 15, she started practicing signing, and since then, she strived to make her vocal stand-alone from others. With sheer hard work and belief in herself and her talent, she won her first prize in the high school talent show in 9th grade.

Such momentous achievement gave her the motivation she required to push herself to take music more seriously. Since then, she began to sing on her own to bring perfection to her voice perpetually.

You may not believe, but she indeed released her first-ever song called Summertime on Soundcloud, which instantly gained mass response not only from her surroundings but also from the people outside the community.

Thereafter, Alahna discovered that social media sites are the best platforms to present herself in front of mass people and recognition with her talent.

Seeing this as an opportunity, she began to spend more time on social media, and from the very beginning, she got the attention of many with her talent. Eventually, she gained so much popularity and emerged as one of the most influential and talented social media influencers drastically.

Therefore, people’s appreciation and her purposeful motive influenced her to create amazing content that entailed videos of singing, dancing, creating acting skits, taking pictures, and cover other aspects of life wonderfully.

Take Instagram, for instance, @Alahna Ly— she has over 1.4 million followers with only 267 posts. While going through her Instagram profile, one will instantly feel her energetic instinct and stimulating daily activities. Undoubtedly, she connects with this impressive number of diverse followers with her own skill, talents easily and effectively. 

In order to revive the music industry and add the essence it had earlier, youngsters like Alahna Ly can contribute to this field and rejuvenate the idea of modern music. Success doesn’t come overnight! And as you can tell by the progression of Alahna Ly, she has become the role model for those who are either looking forward to pursuing a music career from the base or still confused about taking the opportunity. 

It is high time you pondered the facts and started following Alahana Ly’s footprints so that you can shine like her among the millions.   

One more thing, Go checkout Alahna Ly’s new song called Helluva Night, which has over 100k views within just a few months of release.

Follow her on Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/alahnaly/

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